How to Tell if HGH is Real or Fake

Unless you get pharm grade human growth hormone from a pharmacy, it’s hard to know whether your HGH is real or fake. If you get HGH form an underground lab or use HGH like Riptropin, Gintropin, blue tops, yellow tops, red tops, etc., there is only one way to tell if your HGH is real. You have to get blood work done to see if your HGH is real. (Check out: Blood Work and TRT.)

(This Riptropin HGH looks real. How can you know?)

hgh riptropin

How NOT to Tell if your HGH is Real or Fake.

An IGF-1 Test will not tell you if your HGH is real or fake.

First, let’s talk about what won’t work. It won’t be enough to test your IGF-1 levels. Although HGH does cause an increase in IGF-1 levels, a IGF-1 test elevation could mean you have IGF-1 (which is less expensive than HGH) and not real deal HGH.

A pregnancy test won’t tell you if your HGH is real or fake.

Some scammers used to pawn off HCG as HGH. Both are white freeze dried powders in vials, after all. Back in the bad old days, you could run your HGH over a pregnancy test. If you tested positive, congrats: You got fake HGH!

Scammers have gotten far more sophisticated. A pregnancy test will no longer tell you if your human growth hormone is real.

A serial number, holograph, or box won’t tell you if your HGH is real or fake.

Anything can be faked. A company in China can make boxes, label, and holograms that look as legit as they come. They can even create a website that will validate the serial numbers contained on the boxes.

How to Order a Test to See if Your HGH is Real or Fake.

1. Go to Private MD Labs using this link.

2. Order the Human Growth Hormone test. (Try coupon code HEALTHY12 at checkout to save 12%.)

(This is what the lab test looks like.)

HGH lab test

3. Analyze the lab results.

(Click for a larger image.)

HGH test to see real or fake


As you can see in the lab report, serum growth hormone levels are elevated. The values on the far left of the page indicate the lab results. The values on the right hand side show the normal range for growth hormone levels.

Therefore this human growth hormone this person was using was real.

How to Take a Blood Test to See if your HGH is Real or Fake.

Inject anywhere from 2 to 4 ius. You can inject the HGH subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

Blood levels for HGH will spike approximately 3 hours after your injections.

So time your blood test to occur within 3 hours of your injection of HGH.

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