Danger and Play is what we want.

A tedious life of conformity and routine is not in our DNA. We want action and excitement – danger and play.
We are not caricatures of masculinity. We recognize that a balanced life involves relaxation with family, friends, and pets.

Danger and Play is a discovery.

The highest form of intelligence is instinct and the greatest expression of masculinity is will.
A man’s instinct is to be free. We exercise our will against the slavery imposed upon us by our would-be masters.

Danger and Play is a mindset.

We are entitled to nothing.
We build and create and take what we want.
We bend the world to our will.
We keep what we kill.

Danger and Play is a lifestyle.

A man was given a body and a mind. It is his duty to make the maximum use of both.
We train hard, boost our IQs, and take nootropics and other smart drugs.
We live life on our own terms. Others can accept or reject us.
We do not lie to please the masses.

Danger and Play is a culture.

Whiners, losers, and complainers are not allowed.
If your first inclination is to poke holes rather than build bridges, you’re not ready for us.

Danger and Play is a contest.

But only with yourself.
Your life, your choices, your journey.

Welcome to Danger and Play.

Here are some articles that will introduce you to the Danger & Play mindset and lifestyle:

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