Mike Cernovich has spent the past several years sharing his message of positive self-improvement with a worldwide audience. His blog and podcast are for men who want more out of life. (Many women have even begun applying the mindset principles to their own lives.)

But don’t believe the hype. Look at what other readers and listeners have said. The Mike Cernovich podcast is one of the highest-rated podcasts on iTunes, with over 300 ratings in the U.S. alone.

Those who apply the Danger & Play and Gorilla Mindset principles get results.

“Danger & Play must be one of the greatest additions to my life. It is impossible to doubt Mike’s word, because there is evidence that he lives by it everywhere you look. And frankly, this quality of website could only be built by a person who lives by the kind of virtues that this site promotes.” – Shabby

“Danger & Play is one of the most insightful podcasts you can find on the Internet.” – Neo

“Positive and helpful straight talk. Listening to Cernovich’s podcasts have helped me a lot.” – A.J.

“I’ve followed Mike’s advice and it paid off big time.” – Charlie

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“This podcast is mind bending. It will alter your consciousness into an alpha male godlike realm where anything is possible” – Alex M.

“Cernovich’s message is one you don’t come across often, online or in real life. It is not B.S. straight talk.” – Wit X.

“I can say with all honesty that Mike provides the most honest outlook on issues he is passionate about that I have come across online.” – Sebastian

“If you want to improve yourself as a man, then this is the best podcast for you.” – P.N.

“Unfiltered, authentic, high-quality self-improvement.” – Rice S.

“Danger & Play made me a better man. Period.” – Frank U.

Praise for Juice Power, the best juicing book on the market.

“Mike has created a tremendous resource in Juice Power.” – Manny S.

“I shared your juicing books with my parents.” – M.D.

“Put simply, if you seriously want to get into juicing, you need to check out Fit Juice Trilogy. There’s no other collection of books out there that explains juicing so thoroughly, right down to the scientific evidence of its effectiveness.” – Matt F.

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