How to End a Life of Mediocrity

A few months ago I met a talented designer named Cary. Cary’s work was so good that I have referred him to several of my friends. But I digress.

Cary ended up doing the design work for Juice Power, my new eBooks on juicing. My juicing eBooks cover everything from the best juice recipes to juicer reviews. These juicing eBooks are the best on the market, period.

While working on my juicing eBooks, I asked Cary to put together something for newsletter subscribers. Cary blew away my expectations, and created a cool 9-page eBook for you:

How to End a Life of Mediocrity

(If you have trouble opening the link, hit right-click on your mouse to save the file.)

How to End a Life of Mediocrity is my eBook gift to you.

How to End a Life of Mediocrity is a collection of links to some of the best posts from Danger & Play. These posts have had the most impact on my life and on the lives of people who have applied these principles.

Every now and then I check out How to End a Life of Mediocrity to keep myself focused on the core message of Danger & Play.

Sure, I go off on tangents sometimes, fighting for issues that are important for you.

However, the core work at Danger & Play is what I will always return to.

How to End a Life of Mediocrity is a way for me – and you – to remember what matters most, namely, how we must treat mediocrity like a crisis.

Only then can we begin living the lifestyle others dream about.


Mike Cernovich

P.S. I want to keep this eBook limited to newsletter subscribers, so comments are closed.