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My first documentary about the media’s hoaxes at the RNC and DNC is Un/Convention. You can watch it below.

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I am active on Periscope, where I live stream breaking news as well as discuss every topic from mindset to the presidential election. My Periscope currently has over 14 gorillian likes.







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Danger & Play (this blog you’re reading) has over 1,000 articles. You can read every article here.

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Media Appearances

I've been interviewed by Fox News, The Rubin Report, Greg Stevens, Stefan Molyneux and more.

Mike Cernovich Mindset & Media

I also talk to people about their own successes in life and providing original reporting.

Scott Adams on Donald Trump, Mindset, and How to Win at Life

If you wonder why my skin is red and looks burned, read this article.

How to Build Your Business and Your Life (James Altucher Interview)

My YouTube channel is part journalism, part mindset, and part life advice.

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I’ve been all over the world – everywhere from Thailand, Vietnam, Croatia, the Middle East, South Africa, and Alaska.

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My life mission is helping others live their dreams. It’s what I do. Even my “trolling” makes the world a better place. My confrontational style gets attention.

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