Twitter is a publicly-traded corporation and thus its CEO Jack Dorsey has fiduciary obligations to his shareholders. Twitter is not Jack’s private little Super PAC. If Jack wants to censor influential and popular users, then he must disclose this to shareholders. He must tell them the truth, “I don’t care about shareholder value. I want to run Twitter like my personal blog and Super PAC.”

Twitter put the screws to my account in a bad way, which I can easily demonstrate using quantitative data.

Social Blade tracks the increase in Twitter follower accounts. I was gaining an average of 500 new followers each and every day. For the past three days I’ve averaged an increase in 100 or so.

My Twitter impressions, despite my losing no followers, are now down by 30-50% in the past few days.

My average RT was 800 a month ago. Today my average RT is 173. People are not seeing my Tweets.

I also noticed my Periscopes had half as many live viewers as usual.

When a user goes live on Periscope, the video is automatically posted to the Periscope user’s Twitter account.

Where as a typical Periscope was 1,000 live viewers, nearly overnight I’m lucky to have 500 simultaneous live viewers. The other day there were only 300 live viewers, which is unusually low.

This indicates that Twitter is not sending notifications about my Periscopes to my Twitter followers.

Did Twitter throttle all prominent Trump supporters?

Others will have to do the data analysis. However I know for a fact my account has been censored.

Will Twitter ban me next?

Some of you will DEFEND Twitter and say they have the right to ban people. It’s a private company! Can a baker refuse to bake a cake?

Moreover, Twitter is publicly-traded. Censoring users like myself (my account gets 80 to 145 million impressions a month) destroys shareholder value as fewer people will use Twitter without me on the platform. Censorship is fraud.

My days on Twitter seem numbered.

Banning me, however, will have consequences that few can foresee.

Probably best to simply leave me be and let me write in peace and quiet rather than declare war with the author of Gorilla Mindset.