You may be reading an old version of a Kindle book without realizing it, as authors regularly update their books. Even better is that these updates are free of charge. You’ll never have to buy a later edition of a Kindle book. These updates will not appear on your device by default. Indeed, Gorilla Mindset underwent an update on Kindle.

There were several typo corrections and other editorial changes. Yet the Kindle version I had wasn’t updated. I know it was an older version of Gorilla Mindset as the book on my Kindle still had the old cover.

How can you update your Kindle books and ensure you have the latest update of Gorilla Mindset?

The current version of Gorilla Mindset is, “Gorilla Mindset: How to Control Your Thoughts and Emotions and Live Life on Your Terms.” If your Kindle ebook cover is different, then you have the old version. Here is how to get the latest update of your Kindle book.

Step 1. When signed into your account: Go to your “Account and Lists.”

Step 2. Scroll down to “Manage Your Account and Devices.” Click on it.

Step 3. Scroll down to see what Kindle books have updates. You’ll see a tab marked “Update Available.”

Step 4. Click the “Update Available” tab.

You will see a warning saying, “Before clicking update, please be sure the wireless and Whispersync for your Books setting are turned on for each of your devices. Doing so will retain any highlights, notes, and furthest pages read.”

You should now have the latest version of your Kindle book!

If you don’t, perform the next step.

Step 6. Open your Kindle or Kindle app. Remove the book from your device.

Press and hold the book until you see the “Remove from Device” prompt. Tab “Remove from Device.”

Step 7. Go to the “Cloud” section of your Kindle. Hit “Sync.”

Step 8. After the synch is complete, click onto the book title.

Congratulations! You now have the updated version of Gorilla Mindset!

You may have other Kindle books that need updating. Update those, too, of course.