The false flags I warned you about are coming. I have spies in every organization, and word was passed to me that the media and online shills would be lying about me, including that they would be fabricating legal documents about me.

Shills on the Internet are claiming that I’m working with very bad people, when in fact the opposite is true. I’ve paid over $15,000 in legal fees to obtain testimony regarding pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his accused madame Ghislaine Maxwell.

I filed a Motion to Unseal to learn what role Ghislaine Maxwell played in Jeff Epstein’s pedophile ring. These documents were filed under seal, and the public has a right to see them.

Alleged Epstein madam forced to hand over 17 years of documents

The British socialite accused of recruiting Jeffrey Epstein’s “teen sex slave” was ordered to hand over any correspondence between her and the billionaire pedophile over the past 17 years, a Manhattan judge ruled Thursday. Alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell will also have to produce any documents between 1999 and 2016 that mention the sex-trafficking ring she and Epstein allegedly operated.

We are trying to obtain documents that Maxwell doesn’t want the world to see, and yet somehow I am the bad guy?

Beware of shills lying about me, as they have been compromised by George Soros type operators.

Shills are claiming I am working with Epstein, because Alan Dershowitz appeared in my documentary, Silenced. Their evidence? A picture taken during the filming of my documentary on free speech, Silenced.

If you run a search of #Silenced on Twitter, you’ll see there are pictures of me with Muslims, feminists, Zionists, and comedians. Over 50 people appeared in Silenced, which is the greatest documentary about free speech in modern America.

The only reason you haven’t heard about Silenced is that it’s still pending approval with our distribution company.

Here is the alt-poster for Silenced, which shows the full cast. Where is Alan Dershowitz? Good luck finding him, as he’s merely another voice in a film full of unique people with cool ideas about what free speech means in 2017.


This false flag smear attack is a “warning shot” to me.

Very powerful people are doing very evil things. They are sending their online shill army and media emissaries after me. This is their peaceful way of silencing me.

As I have the platforms and savvy to fight back, my glib response it, “This is just another day at the office.”

However I was warned that more attacks would be coming my way. “First they’ll send the media after you, then they’ll offer you a substantial bribe, then they will kill you.”

Clearly we are onto something big and must keep digging. You cannot kill an idea. Deep State is running a pedophile operation, and fearing me, they are sending shills after me.

Pay close attention to who attacks me. Pay close attention to “media outlets” who attack me. That will tell you everything about who is covering up for pedophiles in D.C.

In the meantime, Silenced is available on Vimeo. We are still waiting for Amazon and Netflix to approve it. We will have some sort of launch party once it’s widely available.

Lesson learned. The Vimeo release should have been delayed. I wanted to get the film out to backers right away, as it was the first film I produced. But it takes month for a film to be approved by iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon.

It’s hard to hype a film that is only available for sale on Vimeo. I should have delayed the release.  Next time will be smoother.

It’s still early in 2017 and free speech matters more than it did last year. Silenced has the potential to be the breakthrough hit of 2016. Thank you again to all who backed Silenced!

You can watch Silenced today on Vimeo.