Political prisoner Kyle Chapman, who the internet is calling “Based Stick Man,” was unlawfully arrested for defending himself and others against a well-funded, well-organized domestic terrorist group. Proving Berkeley is a fascist state, none of the men who peppered sprayed several women were arrested, but those who defend themselves and others from terrorists will find themselves in legal trouble.

Crowd funding website Wesearchr began collecting funds for Chapman’s legal defense fun. After only a few hours, $65,000 has been raised – enough to get Chapman bailed out of jail and to secure a lawyer.

Mike Cernovich of Cernovich Media matched $2,500 in donations.

First Amendment lawyer Marc Randazza, Cernovich’s lawyer in a lawsuit involving Jeffrey Epstein, agreed to waive $5,000 of Cernovich’s rising legal bill. Randazza, a liberal who did not vote for Trump, had this to say: “Think about this: A guy came out to a demonstration in support of his government and felt that he had to come in armor with a respirator. That is totally f*cked.”

Randazza continued:

I do not support violence in politics, and I do not strictly speaking approve of what this man did. But, when I see that the Berkeley police seem to turn a blind eye when one side gets violent, but now they’re arresting this guy for defending himself, I think this is the government taking sides in political violence.   I want to support the First Amendment.  And, the Trump supporters have a First Amendment right to be out there.  If the police want to take a side, they should remove their badges, lay down their weapons, and pick up signs to join the other crowd — but then the City of Berkeley should fire them and hire police officers who don’t take a side when it comes to preventing political violence.

You can support Based Stick Man’s legal defense here.