After police allowed left wing activists to pepper spray several women at a MILO event at Berkeley, free speech activists took lawful self-defense into their own hands. Thus, at a March 4th pro-Trump rally, people entered the fray prepared.

A fight broke out in an open field,

in America,

during the Current Year.

On March 4th in Berkeley, pro-censorship left wing groups met free speech warriors in an open field of combat.

I disavow political violence while supporting self-defense. The left has gone feral, and one must assume they will attempt to murder you.

Soros-funded left wing groups regularly attend events wearing masks and carrying pepper spray. Prone to violence, they burned a Muslim man’s car during Inauguration week.


Left wing police departments issue stand-down orders allowing women to be beaten, pepper sprayed, and raped. The police in liberal cities like Berkeley and San Jose will not do their jobs. They do not “serve and protect.”

Women are attacked by the feral left. The fake news media won’t speak out against this. The police won’t do their jobs. It’s up to private citizens to stand up for one another.


Based Stick Man is the future of politics in America.

There will be more open fights, as the left refuses to police its own side.

Based Stick Man is facing several felonies for his perfectly lawful conduct.

Left wing groups will attack Trump supporters. They will beat, kick, punch, and pepper spray people. They will knock 70-year-old-men unconscious and gloat about it.

It is reasonable under the law to attend a pro-Trump rally wearing a helmet and other protective gear.

Based Stick Man is a hero.

You can support his legal defense fund here.

It’s going to cost $5,000 for him to make bail, and he’s facing several serious charges.

The goal right now is to help him make bail. I’ve contributed $1,000.

You can make a contribution here.