Sam Harris, who said on Joe Rogan’s podcast that Hillary Clinton would win the election (and also that Trump “terrified” him) wants to debate me.

You’d think that after getting everything wrong for 18 months, a “rationalist” like Harris would read my books and past articles to understand why I was right and he was wrong.

Many people challenge me to debates, and my fee for such events is a $10,000 contribution to a veteran’s charity. I would waive my usual charitable donation for Sam, however, as he has a platform on par with mine and thus wouldn’t be using my name to advance his own.

The main issue is this: What is there to debate? Sam Harris is against radical Islam. I am, too.

However Sam Harris called me a “cuck,” which is debating words in my world, and his fans are similarly using this attack vector.

One topic could be this: How could Sam Harris support Hillary Clinton when it’s Clinton who wanted to import radical Islam into the U.S. with her open borders policy?

Whatever, I accept Sam’s debate challenge. I suggest Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report moderate it on neutral territory.

The people want to see a debate, including MMA and UFC legend Jon Fitch.

Evolutionary psychologist and professor Geoffrey Miller has proposed an interesting debate topic.

Sam Harris is likely too out of touch to debate with me.

We’ll see if he backs out.