Convicted pedophile and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein served investigative journalist Mike Cernovich with legal papers earlier today. In a plot twist fitting of a Kafka novella, the entire motion is redacted. I can’t tell you what this motion claims, nor can I defend myself in court against these secret charges.

Read: Jeffrey Epstein v. Mike Cernovich.

My due process rights are being violated, as it’s impossible for me to respond to this motion, as I don’t know what’s it in and cannot read what accusations pedophile Epstein has made. Here is another excerpt.


As my free speech lawyer Marc Randazza said:

There is a First Amendment right of access to judicial proceedings. We don’t have secret trials. You use the people’s courts, you do it in public. This entire case seems infected with an air of secrecy that is constitutionally unconscionable. When you look at this document, and Ms. Giuffre’s filings, where not even a single word is open to the public? Even documents from the CIA that have national security implications are less redacted than this. The people have a right to know how their courts are being used.

How can the judge allow this?

What is Jeffrey Epstein hiding?

Why is he afraid of me?

Pedophiles are afraid, and legal costs are mounting.

I have been funding this lawsuit with help from my Patreon backers. My attorney Marc Randazza billed me at a 50% discount due to the importance of this matter.

Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire who should be in prison for life. He bought his way out of prison, and now he’s trying to spend his way out of this case by filing costly legal papers against me.

100% of contributions will go towards the legal defense fund.

We will keep fighting!

How many people wake up and find out a billionaire pedophile has filed secret legal papers against him?

This is real journalism, and we are in the major leagues.

Thank you for the support.

We will win!