Foreign influence on American media is a hot subject today, although the Washington Post doesn’t seem to mind that its latest hire, lobbyist John Podesta, has been paid millions of dollars to spread propaganda for Saudi Arabia, according to financial records examined by Cernovich Media.

Lobbyists working for foreign governments must disclose these payments under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Journalists whose sole job is mining Twitter for content apparently don’t know this, as Cernovich Media is the only outlet whose journalists actively search FARA records.

Saudi Arabia, when not stoning women or beheading gays, sends a $140,000 monthly check to John Podesta’s lobbying firm, the Podesta Group.

(See the full FARA report here.)

Saudi Arabia spends a lot of money on mouth pieces, with Fahad Nazer being paid $7,000 a month to feed quotes to CNN and NY Times reporters, who fail to disclose this obvious conflict of interest.

If you think $7,000 a month is a lot, then look deeper. MSLGroup Americas, Inc. has a contract worth more than $13 million dollars a year.


Saudi Arabia has over 26 firms working for it, far more than any other country, including Russia.

Why the fake news won’t report about Saudi Arabia?

They are all on the take!

FARA reports are public record. The reports are simple enough to search on a Friday night over a glass of wine.

(Search FARA records here.)

You won’t find any media coverage about Saudi money.

If we should be concerned with foreign governments trying to influence American media (when it’s Russia), then shouldn’t we be concerned with the tens of millions of on-the-books dollars the Saudis are spending?

You won’t find Jake Tapper, Brian Stelter, or anyone else criticizing the Washington Post for hiring a literal paid mouthpiece of a dictatorship. How much are Jake and Brian being paid off the books?

Fortunately Cernovich Media exists, and we will continue sharing real news.

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John Podesta worked very hard for Hillary Clinton, as and federal records reveal, this is because he was working for the Saudis.