“I saw you on Stefan Molyneux,” CPAC attendees said as we snapped selfies together. “Great job on Alex Jones,” others said.

CPAC had large crows and low energy. Those interactions explain why.

CPAC was a bore. I was there for a few hours on Friday. The hallways were mostly empty, there wasn’t any music going on, and no one who was relevant was speaking or giving seminars.

  • Imagine a panel discussion on new media and aggressive journalism with Jim Hoft, Alex Jones, and Mike Cernovich.
  • How much hype would a session on building a YouTube audience with Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneuyx receive?

I skipped CPAC on Saturday, and so did everyone else.

The right, being more focused on individualism, lacks leaders who understand group dynamics and group energy. Take last night for example, at the Reaganpalooza.

An unofficial after-party, Reaganpalooza had everything you needed for a hyped party. The well-attended crowd of 300 to 500 was mostly young and attractive. There were a couple of bar areas. The DJ was good enough for the job, and there was a large hallway and other side rooms available for people to talk.

The event was flat.

Imagine Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, or Stefan Molyneux had entered the room. The entire energy would have changed. There’d be a commotion.

Instead of inviting the future of the movement, there were opening remarks by someone from the anti-Trump National Review who cheered “the Gipper” to a college-aged audience. Dog the Bounty Hunter gave a rambling toast while holding some sort of walking staff.

Conservatives like to complain about Hollywood, and yet no effort is made to built up our own stars.

CPAC is a microcosm for the GOP. There are parallel institutions. One structure includes the big money donors, the glass clickers, and the kiss ups. The other structure includes social media stars, YouTube philosophers, and Twitter trouble makers.

Celebrity is influence, and we have our own celebrities. They won’t be speaking tonight at the Oscars.

But they will be doing millions of viewers per video.

There is no difference between “e-fame” and “real fame.”

If you’re recognized regularly in public, you’re famous. It doesn’t matter if Hollywood made you, or if you made yourself. Fame is fame, and influence is influence.

CPAC is trying to attract a social media generation through a cable news mindset. The new crowd wants to meet YouTube stars.

What’s next after CPAC?

People attend CPAC because it’s the only annual conservative conference.

Someone with the ability to draw a large crowd and who gets what people want could outcompete CPAC in the free market.

Who threw the best party during CPAC?

According to everyone who attended CPAC, including many in the media who personally despise me, the Bull Moose party, organized by MAGA3X, was the event to be at.

A number of members of what was described to me as “the new right” congregated in Shelly’s Back Room, a cigar bar on F Street back in DC. There was the host, Mike Cernovich, a social media personality who was instrumental in spreading rumors about Clinton’s failing health during the election, and Michael Flynn Jr., the conspiracy-minded son of recently departed National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Before long, O’Keefe was at this party, too, sans herbaceous perennial.

The scene here, Cernovich correctly assessed, was “lit.”

Even a party crasher from Jezebel who hates me managed to enjoy herself.

Gabrielle: I don’t hate the smell of cigars and I love parties where everyone is sitting down, so it turns out Mike Cernovich and I agree on something. Here’s another thing: Neither of us care much for neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, who he referred to as a “cake boy—soft, like a cupcake.”

“I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about people who are irrelevant and have to crash other parties because if they throw their own parties the only people who are going to show up are media,” Cernovich said to a group of reporters. “I’m only worried about relevant people, like Milo and me. Everybody loves Milo. Everybody who knows me knows Milo, but not everybody who knows Milo knows me.”

Cernovich continued, outlining for us the pecking order of what he calls the “new right.”

“There’s the god tier—Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones. That’s the god tier—the top of the top,” he said, comparing Jones to the Yankees and Carlson to the Sox. “Then you have like, the Triple-A, like, we’re getting a shot. So Milo is the very top of the Triple-A, he was almost at the majors. But he’ll be back up within a year bigger than ever. And I’m still Triple-A.”

“I’m too controversial, I’m too much of a loose cannon,” Cernovich said, explaining that he’ll probably stay Triple-A forever, unlike Milo, who is gay and can say “things I can’t say” and get away with it.

Luckily no media was present during the private event (doors opened to the public at 11:30), as someone who thought he was talking to me on Twitter needed a minor “tune-up.” Fake news would have blown that out of proportion.

Mike Cernovich’s opening remarks at the Bull Moose party.

Why are you here? Some would say your entire time on planet earth is devoted to that question, though tonight we needn’t be esoteric.

Like almost everyone else in here, this was my first election – or at least it was the first election I cared about. I proudly drove 3 hours to return home from college to cast my first ballot as an eligible voter. Unlike Democrats, I would only cast my ballot in the proper district – and only one vote, as well.

In 2012 I mocked people for caring about the presidential election. It was Obama vs. Mitt Who. Why bother?

Then Trump arrived.

For the first time in my lifetime, a vote mattered. I got involved, as did millions of other voters.

Where was the GOP? You DM’ed and emailed me every day asking how you could become politically active. The GOP snubbed you.

This weekend CPAC is occurring. Some of you attended the social media seminar taught at the “activist boot camp” by a guy who none of you had heard of.

My own invitation must’ve been lost in the mail.

The left has paid attention to how we run Twitter, and they are regaining their lost advantage.

Do you know how many members of the GOP have reached out to me, even off-the-record?

You guessed it – Zero. Which galvanizes my belief that Republicans either not want or do not have the will to win.

And I’m talking real wins. Paul Ryan and a Republican Congress gave Barack Obama every item on his $4 trillion budget.

If you asked the average American whether Republicans or Democrats held a majority in the House and Senate, how could you expect them to know? What has changed?

The establishment doesn’t know what to do with us and they don’t want to deal with us. We have talking points beyond their empty slogans about small government, as they cut taxes and spend trillions fighting wars to enrich the military industrial complex.

Indeed many of our talking points at first glance seems left wing. We speak out against globalism and rigged trade deals, much as left-wing protesters did in Seattle. We speak of the military industrial complex, which conservatives claim is a left-wing talking point – perhaps forgetting it was General Dwight Eisenhower, a Republican president, who first issued the dire warning of public wars for private profit.

The GOP is out of touch. CPAC is out of touch. What does it even mean to call one’s self a “conservative” where nothing is being conserved?

We have no think tank, no Super PAC, no P.O. Box where you can send donations.

The movement is ground up. It’s a populist revolt against globalism, endless wars, unfair trade deals, think tank white papers, bloated salaries, and the general out-of-touchness in America.

The media sure doesn’t know what to make of us. They want a simple good guy and bad guy narrative. We are nationalism without the white adjective. We are on a quest for a national identity.

The New Right is a mindset. It’s a mindset you see in our very means of organizing. It’s an American Spring where we connect on social media, and get out news from social media without any fake news filter.

What’s next for us? That’s why we are here…right now… in this very moment.

There’s no agenda, no talking points, no chain-of-command. You’re here among equals.

Let’s have a great night!

Here are some pictures from CPAC weekend and the Bull Moose Party.

See you at the next big event!

Until then, you can read my books and watch my films.