Before bed I told Shauna, “When I wake up, Milo’s CPAC speech will be cancelled.” I was wrong by about one hour.

Today was an awful day for Milo Yiannopoulos. He was on a trajectory to have his own show on FoxNews. Today he lost a shot at a show for the foreseeable future, a major breakthrough speaking gig, and a book deal. Dangerous had already pre-sold enough copies to make the New York Times best seller list and was on target to open at #1. It makes no sense to understate how bad Milo’s day was. Short of a family member dying or being a crime victim, today is about as bad as a day gets. That said, life always offers an opportunity for reflection and insight.

Milo shows the perils of not processing his victimization.

Milo was raped as a child, repeatedly. Full stop. He used humor to deal with this grief. That is a way for a private person to handle his trauma. Public personalities are not allowed to openly joke about such subject matters. This is especially true when no one knows your back story.

Milo needs to spend time alone engaging in some horrific and painful reflection involving reliving much of the trauma. This is easy for me to say, of course, although today’s events show the cost of running from your past.

Treat a PR crisis like a life-or-death fight.

Milo had escaped so many attacks. His Facebook response last night was inadequate. He should have been live streaming on all platforms getting his message out.

When #Pussygate happened, Trump listened to me by posting a video rather than doing press conferences. Trump waited too long, actually, and should have got ahead of the narrative.

When a PR crisis hits, treat it like a life-or-death event. Get on every available platform. Call your friends. Get on their podcasts. Do not let a narrative involving something like Nazism or pedophilia take form.

What gets you there won’t take you there.

Trolling is funny when you have 50 followers. As your platform size increases, so too does your responsibility.

Milo must get serious. Being cute isn’t going to work. These are serious accusations and there is no time for snark or glibness.

“Remember people on the way up, you’ll see them on the way down.”

Milo has done a great job at staying in touch with his base of supporters. He has a platform larger than most in traditional media. Today is a reminder why you must build your own platforms and own audience. Will Milo have a show on Fox this year? No. Will he still have a larger audience than most people in media? Yes.

Take good care of your friends as your platform grows.

As some people rise into the mainstream, they promote their friends and those who helped build them up less and less. This is a mistake, as when you hit a ceiling (see above), those are the people who are going to find energy to support you. If you don’t actively work to take care of them, they won’t find the energy needed to engage in a full-throttled defense of you.

Most people won’t have your back.

During a time of crisis, you’re mostly going to be on your own. Get used to it, don’t be bitter when people don’t defend you. Even if you’ve had the backs of others, expect them to be “too busy” in your time of need.

There are double standards. Milo joked, Roman Polanski raped.

Sarah Silverman has made pedophile jokes. Lena Dunham admitted to molesting her sister. Roman Polanski anally raped a 13-year old girl (after he drugged her).

Since raping a girl, Polanski has risen to stardom in Hollywood, earning standing ovations from adoring crowds. Lena Dunham had a show on HBO for five years, and Silverman remains in the game.

Some have said I’m a hypocrite for not putting Milo on blast.

Unless the fake news media, I do not lie about people or make up stories. However you should not read me for unbiased opinions on Milo, Donald Trump, or any of my friends. I disclose these obvious biases, unlike the rest of the media which pretends to be impartial.

Deep state is attacking anyone with a large, politically engaged reader and viewer base.

The attack on Milo was coordinated with Jake Tapper and others within CNN. It was a clean operation – too clean, actually, which is a sign of deep state fingerprints.

How did an obscure Twitter account called “Reagan Battalion” get Jake Tapper’s attention? No one is asking those sorts of questions, well not one but me.

Anyone who opposes the pro-war, anti-West globalist agenda is going to face more attacks. Yes, I’m in the cross-hairs and was warned by sources within Secret Service that Hillary had spoken about me, and that my “life was over” if she had been elected.

Milo will earn more money self-publishing than with Simon & Schuster.

$250,000 was a trifling advance based on how many copies Dangerous would have sold in its first year.

Gorilla Mindset takes care of my bills. MAGA Mindset, despite falling short of Gorilla Mindset’s massive success, is more than enough to cover a car payment.

Few authors are getting filthy rich, but it’s a living. Milo can realistically earn $500,000 in book royalties this year if he self-publishes Dangerous.

Will Breitbart fire Milo, and if so, then what?

Breitbart would be handing Milo’s head on a silver platter to the left if they fired him. This would be a serious mistake for them. However Trump vis-a-vis Bannon is vulnerable. It’s hard to see Breitbart not taking some form of remedial action.

If Breitbart fires Milo, he’ll have to manage his own lifestyle expectations and business model.

Milo currently has a massive back-end infrastructure which includes support for his tour, private security, interns, editors, and more.

I run a one-man-band type of operation out of a home office and coffee shops.

Milo is more than up to the task, but in life it’s natural to feel like this is a move down.

Milo will bounce back.

He’s only 30 years old, and really doesn’t have a choice but to continue fighting.

It’s going to hurt. What happened today was a massive blow to his ego and life plan. Consider what was coming next for him:

  • CPAC keynote,
  • Book release (and this would lead to more riots, leading to more media, leading to more book sales),
  • Milo the documentary.

The news about Milo in 2017 would have been a publicity blitz larger than Ryan Holiday created.

If Breitbart drops Milo, what happens to the book tour, the speaking tour, and other projects? Will the media continue to cover Milo without him, with the help of rioters, raising hell?

Today was some bad foreshadowing. When Milo was banned from Twitter, he was all over the media. Today the large networks no-platformed him, which is why he’s holding his own press conference tomorrow in New York.

It’s not over until it’s over.

Americans are a forgiving people.

Has Milo asked for forgiveness? Although one should never apologize to SJWs or their fake news media enablers, one must look at his or her own audience eye-to-eye. They matter. Let them know how you feel and acknowledge how they feel.

When your entire life seems like it’s over, the last thought on a person’s mind is making amends. It’s human to want to feel like the person who has been wronged. Milo will push through these negative emotions.

All eyes will be on his press conference tomorrow. Tomorrow will determine Milo’s immediate future. Only a fool would miss it.