Tonight the fake news media landed a tactical nuke on America. The line has been broken, and the media now knows Trump is far more sensitive to bad press than he seemed to be during the campaign.

Few understand the significance of tonight’s events, as they don’t understand the war being fought. The war isn’t Republicans v. Democrats, as they are two puppets of the same master. The war had always been against the media.

Trump’s election showed that a candidate could win even with “bad press.” Through the power of social media, you could bypass the media, negating its power.

Consider the source of the media’s power – it’s YOU.

The media’s power is socially constructed. They do not have guns. They do not power of the purse. Their power comes from you.

When the media writes something negative on a candidate, you choose to believe it. You choose to act on that information. You have the people they tell you to hate, buy the products they tell you to consume, and vote for the candidates they endorse.

If we collectively agreed that the words in WaPo were a lie, they would lose all power.

When Trump fires or forces someone to resign, he has given power to the media.

As I wrote in warning, the media would continue its attacks on Flynn:

The fake news media had been going after Flynn for months, and for nonsense. In November they had a special on CNN about me simply because the General recommended Gorilla Mindset (which has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon and has been read my countless veterans).

Flynn was always a target because only he, Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and Stephen Miller are in touch with Trump’s base.

Trump should have disbanded the White House Press Corps, as I advised. This lack of access would have put CNN on the state playing field as an ordinary blog. They’d be starved for ad revenue.

Tonight was a major stategic defeat. The fake news media and so-called #TheResistance are inspired. Don’t take my word for it. Read what George Soros’ private bloggers are saying:

Can Trump recover?

The game is far from over, but the line has been broken. Treating what happened tonight as anything but a disaster is the mindset of a loser.

Trump will need to take bold action to regain the advantage.

Mike Cernovich is a documentary filmmaker and author of Gorilla Mindset. His latest book, MAGA Mindset, explained the rise of Trump, predicted Trump’s win, and was published before the election. You can read it here, because you want to understand world affairs.