The world must seem like a confusing place to tens of millions of my fellow Americans. Today you can’t understand why Trump has not fired General Flynn, with one of my favorite leftist accounts (Peter Daou) observing, “It’s Sunday afternoon. VP Pence knowingly or unknowingly lied to America about #Flynn’s Russia call. STILL no ramifications.”

General Flynn remains part of the Administration because none of us who support Trump believe the news article, which liberals accept as fact.

Now this may make you angry or befuddled. It’s OK. I think most of you liberals are crazy, too, and I read your stuff. Reading your Tweets and articles has given me a better understanding of your outlook, motivations, and perspectives. You are valued as fellow Americans, and I’ll pay you the courtesy of an explanation.

Let me make my case for why we believe the story about General Flynn is fake news.

According to the Washington Post, General Flynn had an inappropriate conversation with a Russian ambassador. The factual basis for this story was nine anonymous sources. WaPo has said in the past that it will post a story even when it does not vouch for its sources.

Remember when the Washington Post falsely claimed Russia hacked the power grid? If not, let me refresh your recollection:

Fake News and How the Washington Post Rewrote its Story on the Russian Power Grid Hacking

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that Russian hackers had penetrated the U.S. electric grid. Authorities say there is no indication of that so far. The computer at Burlington Electric that was hacked was not attached to the grid.

Remember when the Washington Post claimed that several blogs including Naked Capitalism were Soviet propaganda? If not, let me refresh your collection:

Washington Post Appends Editor’s Note to Russian Propaganda Story

Editor’s Note: The Washington Post on Nov. 24 published a story on the work of four sets of researchers who have examined what they say are Russian propaganda efforts to undermine American democracy and interests. One of them was PropOrNot, a group that insists on public anonymity, which issued a report identifying more than 200 websites that, in its view, wittingly or unwittingly published or echoed Russian propaganda. A number of those sites have objected to being included on PropOrNot’s list, and some of the sites, as well as others not on the list, have publicly challenged the group’s methodology and conclusions. The Post, which did not name any of the sites, does not itself vouch for the validity of PropOrNot’s findings regarding any individual media outlet, nor did the article purport to do so. Since publication of The Post’s story, PropOrNot has removed some sites from its list.

Read the bold text again. The Washington Post wrote a story accusing people of being Russian spies. In writing the story, they relied on anonymous trolls from a blog called PropOrNot. After several bloggers threatened to sue, WaPo walked its story back.

Why then should we trust WaPo when it claims:

Nine current and former officials, who were in senior positions at multiple agencies at the time of the calls, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

Let me be frank with you.

I do not believe these nine sources exist. I believe they are entirely made up.

The entire foundation for the General Flynn story is WaPo is based on the word of a blogger who works for the same Washington Post that has been busted spreading numerous hoaxes about Russia.

It’s not that I believe WaPo is biased or slants its coverage.
My sincerely held belief if that they make up stories and fabricate sources.

Years ago I viewed the media as biased. The conclusions were questioned, but the underlying factual basis of the story was taken for granted.

  • Then we had the Rolling Stone rape hoax.
  • Hate crime hoaxes are breathlessly repeated.
  • Russians are falsely accused of hacking a power grid.
  • Anonymous bloggers at PropOrNot are allowed to smear other bloggers (many of them liberal) in the pages of the WaPo.
  • WaPo admits it publishes stories where it “does not itself vouch for the validity” of its sources.

Even if you assume these nine people exist, why isn’t this information disclosed:

  • Did these 9 people work for Obama at the time of the alleged conversation? If so, how many? This bias and conflict-of-interest should be disclosed.
  • Why haven’t these 9 truth tellers resigned in protest? Man or woman up, be a whistle blower!

Since you’re liberal, maybe you don’t know what it’s like to be lied about. In the world of Trump supporters, we distrust the media because they lie about us daily.

On August 31, 2016, I wrote an article: Is Mike Cernovich Part of the Alt-Right? If you don’t want to read it all, note this concluding sentence: “No, Mike Cernovich is not part of the alt-right.”

On December 15, 2016, a WaPo blogger reported: “In an interview with alt-right writer Mike Cernovich, Hyde said the channel had ‘nine months’ to decide the show’s future.”

The blogger of that piece, David Weigel, is obsessed with me. He snarkily name drops my book “Gorilla Mindset,” and reads my Twitter religiously. He knows I am not “alt-right,” and lies about me. WaPo has never issued a retraction.

Dave Weigel, a creepy stalker who has been institutionalized for paranoid delusions, has said he hates me. Should someone who admits to despising someone even write about them? Some journalistic ethics!

We do not trust the media to accurately report the facts. Again, we do not believe that the media is biased. We believe they make their sources up.

General Flynn is an American hero.

The base of Trump supporters trusts General Flynn with our lives.

We do not trust fake news media.

If that bothers you, demand more.

Ask WaPo why, in its own words, “The Post … does not itself vouch for the validity” of a source is gives its pages to.

If WaPo will not vouch for the validating of its sources, why should we believe any of them?

Americans trust me more than they trust the Washington Post.

Y’all know I’m recognized in public, right? Frequently, and around the world as well. That’s not bragging, it’s also kind of a hassle as I have to dress more appropriately for random fan pics. It’s simply a sign of the times. Mike Cernovich matters more than Brian Stelter (although Anderson Cooper still has the edge on me – for now.)

My books sell more than any WaPo journalist.

The world will make a lot more sense when you talk to Trump supporters. Ask them if they distrust the media. You’ll learn that what I’m saying is not controversial. We do not believe what is WaPo, CNN, or the New York Times. We distrust both their conclusions and also their factual assertions.

What can you do, as a liberal?

Trust is earned. There are now parallel media worlds, and liberals are not part of ours:

“We’ve really created parallel institutions,” Cernovich told BuzzFeed News. “Trump supporters didn’t think they were being treated fairly or accurately by the media. So many of us weren’t sure we could trust the basic facts of what’s being reported in the news. And so we created the answer, which is something I call ‘reality news.’”

Any story making a serious accusation against Trump or his inner circle must be sourced, on the record.

Yes, we are aware of why off-the-record conversations exist.

But think about what is means when a “journalist” cites an off-the-record conversation. We as readers must believe that a) the conversation occurred and b) the conversation as it appears is accurately reflected.

We reject both premises.

Unless nine people go on the record making their very serious accusations against members of Trump’s inner circle, we won’t believe it.

General Flynn is in, WaPo is out, and the fake news media has only itself to blame for the lack of trust the public has for it.

Mike Cernovich is a documentary filmmaker and author of Gorilla Mindset. His latest book, MAGA Mindset, explained the rise of Trump, predicted Trump’s win, and was published before the election. You can read it here, because you want to understand world affairs.