More women than ever are unhappy and using drugs. This is not my opinion, it’s science.

According to a recent study, “More than one in four women aged 16-24 reported symptoms of common mental health conditions the previous week – a rise from 21% when the study was last carried out in 2007.” Previous studies showed that 1-in-4 women were on antidepressants.

The fake news media won’t tell you why 1-in-4 women are medicated and seeking mental health treatment. Feminism causes mental illness.

Feminism has destroyed the nuclear family by marginalizing fathers and encouraging unrealistic expectations on women. Women do not have a realistic expectation of themselves or of the men they date or marry.

Women are told they must strive to “have it all,” which means a powerful job, huge family while being married to alpha male at the office who is also a beta male husband at home who does chores, even though science shows that women are less fulfilled by men who do chores at home.

To understand the folly of the have-it-all-myth, let’s look at everyone’s favorite scapegoat – Men.

Imagine a man said, “I am going to marry a woman who enjoys having threesomes with other women, but she is not sexually attracted to other men. Moreover, she will let me have as many side pieces as I want without protesting at all.” Men and women alike would laugh at those expectations. Even Muslim men with multiple wives deal with drama. You can’t “have it all,” as life will always present trade offs and opportunity costs.

Men are certainly able to negotiate unconventional relationships at home. (Will and Jada Smith offer an example.) It is, however, unrealistic for 99% of men to balance a family with a YOLO lifestyle. As everyone who has lived that life knows, you will always have drama when you add other people into the mix. Donald Trump didn’t get married (three times) because he lacked options as a single man. He got tired of the drama accompanying single life.

Want proof men are despised by society? Get meta.

Men commit suicide at between 3 and 7.5 times the rate of women.

Men have a shockingly high rate of death by suicide compared with wo­men. Across all countries reporting these data (except China and India) males show a suicide rate that is 3.0 to 7.5 times that of women.[10] In Canada, the male suicide rate is about three times that of women.[11] Figure 1 charts the age- and gender-specific incidence of suicide in Canada, based on data from 2001 to 2005.

Would you have clicked this article if it had been about the male mental health crisis?

OK, you might have, given the readership of Danger & Play.

But where is the mainstream media attention? Where are the articles about the “suicide gap” between men and women?

If you’re a man, you know the deal. No one in the establishment cares.

Women have dopamine confusion.

“Likes” on social media are not likes in real life, although the brain has trouble distinguishing the two. Science has shown that a compliment from a stranger on social media is interpreted as being as meaningful as one from a close friend.

As we all know, it’s easier for a woman to get a dopamine rush by posting a hot selfie online. Post a cute pic and the brain is bombarded with pleasure-inducing drugs like dopamine. Receiving a compliment from a friend may take hours of relationship building. It takes work.

Yet as we all know, pleasure and happiness are two different feelings. Pleasure offers a short-term rush. Eventually the crash happens, leaving you feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Happiness is an admixture of pleasure, meaning, and fulfillment. Likes on social media do not leave you fulfilled.

The war on masculinity and men harms women and men. (But it hurts women more.)

Women choose men, and women prefer the company of men to remaining alone. When there’s a shortage of masculine dating options, women remain single longer, leading to less fulfillment in their lives.

Women do not handle isolation and solitude as well as men do. Male authors do not outnumber female authors due to patriarchal discrimination. Writing is a solitary act, and women are more social than men are.

Feminists do not like or love weak men. They view them with contempt. Every feminist on Tumblr has a secret BDSM page where they post images of the most depraved sexual activity.

Censoring free speech is leading to increased mental illness in women.

If any mainstream media personality published this column, his life would be over. He’d be fired. The network or magazine or website would issue a statement disavowing it.

Yet every sentence in this article is undoubtedly true. The only refutation is that Not All Women Are Like That, which is of course true. Stating the truth in general terms requires rather than eliminates the possibilities of exceptions.

Because we cannot have an honest discussion about gender relations, the outlook for women will become increasingly grim. Women will become more depressed in the coming years:

The “paradox of declining female happiness” was pointed out by economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers, who also happen to share a house and kids. They analyzed the happiness trends of US citizens between 1970 and 2005 and found a surprising result.

Stevenson and Wolfers discovered that American women rated their overall life satisfaction higher than men in the 1970s. Thereafter, women’s happiness scores decreased while men’s scores stayed roughly stable. By the 1990s, women were less happy than men. This relative unhappiness softened after the turn of the century, but men continue to enjoy a higher sense of subjective wellbeing that is at least as high — if not higher — than women’s.

Women are enslaved by the anti-male, leftist mindset.

Freedom of thought is freedom from existential angst. Yet women are not free.

Ivanka Trump, by all accounts, should be a feminist icon. She is the 1% of 1% of women who has it all. She has the looks, the life, the husband, and the brand.

As Piers Morgan wrote:

To understand the background to this, let’s remind ourselves of Ivanka’s credentials as a businesswoman. She graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania.

In 2007, she launched Trump Fine Jewelry and the brand sells available throughout the US and Canada, as well as the Middle East. She then launched her own fashion line that sells in major US department stores. She was also, until recently, Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions at the Trump Organisation, and served on the board of 100 Women in Hedge Funds, an industry organisation that provides support to women professionals in finance.

Because Ivanka is perceived as right wing (she’s more center-left than right wing, although the fake news media won’t tell you that), she’s not a “real” woman.

The same hatred was sent Cassie Jaye’s way. We all know that female film directors are underrepresented. But because Cassie Jay directed a film about men’s issues like male suicide, unfair divorce courts, and biased media coverage, she lost funding for her film, The Red Pill.

How can women be happy and healthy if their minds aren’t allowed to be free?

Women have disgusting role models.

Lena Dunham is an admitted pedophile. Hillary Clinton hired Dunham to run Clinton’s social media during the campaign.

This is who the media presents as a female icon. Where are the positive role models for women?



How I am Educating My Own Daughter.

My own daughter will avoid the pitfalls of a debased society because I am present as a father, and will not impose unrealistic expectations on her. Just as I won’t educate any son that he may simultaneously raise a huge family while having dozens of side pieces, I will teach my daughter the perils of using social media for validation.

My daughter is also being educated in Gorilla Mindset, which women have found useful. In Gorilla Mindset you learn how to create a life vision, and move towards this vision each and every day. If your life vision is fantasy, you’ll realize that through daily practiced living.

Women (and men) must reject the victim mindset.

Life is rigged against women.

Life is rigged against men, against whites, against blacks, and Hispanics, and Muslims, and Christians, and gays, and straights, and everyone else you can think of.

Life is rigged against you and it’s rigged against me.

Focusing on how the system is conspiring against you will lead you to a mental health crisis. You will always see a huge divide between what you and what you believe you deserve to have.

Take control of your own mindset and your happiness level will soar. That’s why you should read Gorilla Mindset.