Creating a fascist dictatorship is far easier than it may seem. You are watching the rise of fascism in America, although the story the fake news media is telling you isn’t the truth.

Step 1. Silence all dissent.

Fascists censor free speech, using violence when necessary. Fascism has never arisen in cultures that respect free speech. To create a fascist dictatorship, it’s important to silence your critics.

Step 2. Use violence on those you disagree with.

When people you disagree with speak their minds, punch them in the face.

Step 3. Get the police on your side.

When police will not do their jobs and protect American citizens, you ensure that paramilitary and private protection squads fill that vacuum.

Step 4. Beat up women.

Men, especially in the West, are naturally chivalrous. While beating up men is troubling, the truth is men are “disposable,” culturally speaking, and smashing their skulls won’t lead to much of a counter-reaction.

Beating up a woman will incite something deep within the DNA of men. If you want a fascist dictator to arise, beat up women!

Step 5. Get the media on your side, have them lie on your behalf!

When people believe the media, it’s nearly impossible for fascism to rise. The media will speak out against the rise of authoritarian figures, and they will influence the public to stop a charismatic.

Once the public no longer trusts the media, a fascist can get to work. After all, who will be there to warn the public away?

Step 6. Wait for a charismatic to arrive.

Once people no longer trust the police or media, they will turn to outsiders for information and protection. This vacuum will be filled by a charismatic person, usually a male although there’s room for a female fascist as well.

If I had dreamed of unimaginable power all of my life and studied persuasion and mass movements, I’d be relishing what is happening in America, and would be grateful to the American media and feral left wing groups.

Fortunately I’m a humble author with no such visions.

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