Mike Cernovich of reader-supported Cernovich Media filed a motion to intervene in Giuffre v. Maxwell, a case involving a sex trafficking victim and an accused sex trafficker. (UPDATE: Their response is available here.)

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A woman who claimed that New York financier Jeffrey Epstein trafficked her for sex when she was a teenager may pursue a lawsuit accusing British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell of defamation for calling her allegations lies, a U.S. judge ruled. In a decision on Monday night, U.S. District Judge Robert Sweet in Manhattan denied Maxwell’s request to dismiss Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit.

Ghislaine Maxwell filed a 70-page motion for summary judgment with the court under seal. As the civil lawsuit is a public proceeding, the case should never have been sealed.

Cernovich Media retained leading first amendment attorney Marco Randazza to represent the interests of the public and the many readers and listeners of Cernovich Media.

Marc Randazza, Cernovich’s attorney, commented:

The courts belong to the people, not the parties. The First Amendment demands that court proceedings be open to the public. How can a free press do its job in keeping a watchful eye over the workings of government if those workings are sealed? There may be rare circumstances where limited amounts of information are subject to redaction. But, for a motion for summary judgment to be entirely under seal? Even the CIA releases documents with a few words un-redacted.

Why isn’t the New York Times filing lawsuits involving pedophiles? Where is the Washington Post? Where, for that matters, is the Associated Press? Does Jeffrey Epstein have some dirt on our media CEOs and leading journalists?

Cernovich Media is shining a spotlight on the rich and powerful. As the motion states:

Part of Cernovich Media’s mission is conducting investigative journalism in pursuit of an open government. Maxwell’s currently sealed pleadings, and anticipated future related documents, prevents the public from learning about wrongdoing by high level government officials, media moguls and high profile business people.

Cernovich Media is an organization whose mission is to use and promote investigative journalism as a tool to expose corruption and abuse of public power by promoting transparency, accountability, and public awareness, by involving private citizens in the discussion of these problems. Cernovich Media cannot conduct its Fourth Estate function if this Court allows the Parties to conduct their dispute outside of the normal sunlight of transparency and accessibility. The public has a right to see Maxwell’s Motion for Summary Judgment and the press is here to show it to them.

A hearing on Cernovich Media’s motion to unseal records will be held on February 17th.

ORDER: The motion to intervene filed January 19, 2017 shall be heard at noon on Thursday, February 16, 2017 in Courtroom 18C, United States Courthouse, 500 Pearl Street before Judge Robert W. Sweet.

You may read the full motion and Cernovich’s affidavit here:

Cernovich Media is committed to fighting against the fake news media establishment, and will fight in court to ensure the truth is brought to light.