Welcome to the first ever Deploraball! [The Deploraball will be streamed live at this link.]

I’m Mike Cernovich, a co-organizer of the event. Some of you know me from my best-selling mindset books, others know me for my journalism, and still more of you get a lot of entertainment from my Twitter.

It doesn’t matter why you’re here. What matters is that you are here, and that you’re ready to have the time of your life.

This is the COMING OUT party for many of you.

You know what it’s been like to hide your support of Trump. We’ve lost friendships, our cars have been vandalizes, some of us have been physically attacked.

Living well is the best revenge!

Tonight we have our vengeance, not in the negative, toxic way of the modern globalist left – but in the joyful, excited, optimistic way of the new right. Every conversation you have, every person you connect with, every friend you make…is an act of winning.

Tonight is also humbling. In the room are the people who fought hard to preserve Western civilization – to reclaim America from the dark forces who treated Americans not as fellow citizens, but as cattle to be led to the slaughter.

The Deploraball was the brain child of a social media strike force we started called MAGA3X.

The story of MAGA3X is an untold story – the untold story of you.

We started MAGA3X in a moment of frustration. My Twitter became a major network node for Trump supporters. Hundreds of people messaged me each and every day asking how they could become involved. “Don’t these people know I’m not connected to the campaign,” I expressed during a moment of frustration with Jeff, who you’ll have the great pleasure of meeting tonight.

An entrepreneur like me, Jeff observed that these challenges presented an opportunity. We knew that hundreds-of-thousands of people wanted to get involved. We decided to start our own ad hoc movement.

Because you’re all enthusiastic and high energy, we came with up MAGA3X. Each person would Make America Great Again, and Again, and Again. #MAGA3X

What if each Trump supporter committed to amplifying his or her message by

• Registering three people to vote
• Sharing three articles each day on social media or posting to our hashtags three times daily
• Taking three people with them to the polls.

We created memes and had a lot of fun. Most of the best memes were from you. I merely amplified YOUR message.

First-time voters turned up in record numbers.

The rest, as they say, was history.

It was a wild ride for us, and an ironic ride for the pro-Hillary Clinton Twitter. Once we moved forward with #MAGA3X, we were able to make our pro-Trump and anti-Hillary hashtags trend worldwide.

The fake news media, rather than spread hoaxes, was forced to respond to our stories. We dictated the agenda. We set the narrative.

The fake news media was furious. Everyone from the Washington Post to CNN to the New York Times took their best shot at us.

Social media is more powerful than fake news media.

You – the people – are seeing your true power.

After the election, we felt the momentum begin to shift. As Trump went into the weeds of the transition, the fake news media went back into action.

We had to create some news to counter-act the dishonesty from the fake news media.

What better way to celebrate Trump’s win than to throw the biggest, hottest, most in-demand party during Inauguration Week? What better way to laugh in the faces of the bigoted Clinton campaign than to reclaim their label, the deplorables.

Of course the Deploraball was not without a fight. We have protesters threatening to commit acts of domestic terrorism against us. We had fake news media trying to get press passes so that they could sneak in people to throw up Nazi salute for staged photo opportunities.

As Trump supporters, we enjoy the challenge, and we met the challenge.

Tonight we want you to have the time of your lives.

We want you wowed.

Leave with a few new phone numbers, social media profiles, and friends.

Above all else, this is your party.

Tonight you’ll hear from two musical performers.

There will be a surprise art show.

You’ll also get to hear from Jeff Giesea, who has done most of the work to make tonight a success.

Before Jeff takes the stage, let me tell you what makes him great and what makes you great.

Jeff is not a party planner, just as most of you are not politicos, and just as Trump was not a professional politician.

Yet we saw a need. People wanted to have a party, and Jeff stepped up to make this party happen. He handled everything from finding a venue, finding another venue, reporting domestic terrorists to the police, coordinating with the press club, and even dealing with customer service and over 200 press pass requests.

Today is a historical time for America. Eight of the richest men in the world oppose Trump. Some of them even fund riots in an effort to tear America’s social fabric.

You have all stepped up in a major way, and so too did my dear friend Jeff. Please welcome him to the stage.