[Regular readers ignore this. It’s a placeholder I can send off re: media inquiries.]

Hi! You received this because you sent in a media inquiry. I generally don’t respond to media for a number of reasons. One is that I get a lot of them. Two is that traditional media doesn’t move the needle for me or the movement as well as social media does. Three is that most of you people won’t even describe me accurately.

If you do not agree to refer to me as an author and filmmaker, then I am not going to talk to you.

I’m an author and documentary filmmaker. Among other people, I interviewed Alan Dershowitz in his home for the feature-length documentary, Silenced. Scott Adams, Dave Rubin, Milo, and many others are in Silenced.

My first book Gorilla Mindset has over 735 reviews after 18 months. Maybe you don’t like the subject matter because you do not want to improve your own life, whatever.

My second book, on Trump’s rise, already has over 200 reviews and has sold more copies than 99% of books released in 2016.

I am neither “alt-right” nor a men’s rights activist. Read: Mike Cernovich in His Own Words: I’m not Alt-Right.

Mike Cernovich, author and filmmaker….If you lack the basic journalistic integrity to refer to me as who I am, then there’s nothing to talk about.

A quick note on the new media environment and new media “personalities.”

Members of the press are used to being bombarded with press releases and people begging to get a quote in some publication.

My approach is different. I turned down the Daily Show. Yes, the Daily Show invited me on and I said no.

I also didn’t follow up with the Hollywood Reporter (though in hindsight that’s a mistake as they are, I’ve learned, one of the most honest media outlets around).

And then there’s Mike Cernovich, who eschews mainstream radio and television in favor of social media, where the alt-right thrives. He’s blamed (or credited) with being the first to publicly suggest that Clinton was hiding some sort of neurological sickness. Cernovich, who calls himself an “American nationalist,” wasn’t available for an interview, but after Clinton bashed the alt-right during a speech in August he told the New Yorker he hoped it would elicit “a full-scale media attack on me.”

The Hollywood Reporter gets in touch, but I wasn’t available. I skip the Daily Show. The media I turn down is stuff others beg for.

My media mindset is different. (It’s also explained in my best-selling book, MAGA Mindset.)

My Tweets average 72,000 impressions and some hit over 1,000,000 impressions. I can talk to thousands or tens-of-thousands of people via Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitter, my podcast, or via a friend’s YouTube.

Talking to the media simply doesn’t do much for me, and it’s time I could use writing books and making films.

Danger & Play (this blog you’re reading) does over a million views a month.

Talking to the media doesn’t give me a buzz. It won’t sell books (as an author, that’s how I earn my living).

However, I also believe that America is too divided and will talk to anyone who is genuinely curious about what’s going on. The new right, alt-right, and rise of Trump are all fascinating issues and there’s a lot of confusion.

Moreover, as one of the only people to predict Trump’s rise (explaining how and why Trump would win), I am perhaps the most qualified political observer of American politics.

Respect is a two-way street. I respect members of the press who are honest and disrespect those who are not.

Mike Cernovich, author and filmmaker…If that’s too much for you to agree to, good luck reaching out to others.

I also have some head shots here that can be used royalty/license free.