Traditional publishing has long censored controversial writers, leading to its decline. With independent publishing houses and new, dynamic companies like Castalia House, authors stopped needing the Big 5 media companies. After paying a disastrous $14 million for Hillary Clinton’s failing book, Simon & Schuster took a risk.

Simon & Schuster signed MILO to a book deal.

The Internet outrage was predictable, and predictably boring. The mob demanded Simon & Schuster censor MILO’s book.

#MILO became a worldwide trending hashtag on Twitter, and every media outlet talked about Dangerous.


As of press time, Dangerous by MILO is #73 in all of Amazon. This is striking for a number of reasons.

First $26 is a lot of money for a hardcover. Second is that DANGEROUS is only available for pre-sale. We live in an instant gratification society. Pre-sales are hard to pull off. Third is that MILO is a debut author. It’s rare to hit the top 100 on your first (or even fifth) book.

UPDATE: Dangerous by MILO hit #1 in all of Amazon.

Dangerous has already sold enough copies to make the NY Times best seller list, and at this rate, may debut at #1.

Take a moment to count our blessings. While they outnumber us, our enemies are fools who lack impulse control. They are making MILO’s book a huge success, as they can’t stop talking about MILO.

You can buy Dangerous by MILO on Amazon today, to make the social justice warriors even angrier.

I ordered my copy.


By the way, MILO is featured in our documentary on free speech. You can watch Silenced here.