If five years ago you’d had predicted that a majority of Americans would trust a foreign government more than their own media, you’d have been called a madman. Yet today a majority of Americans trust Russian media more than American media. Indeed a good percentage of us trust Russians more than Democrats.

In 2017 you’re going to notice the following trends:
Hard trends (75% or above of this happening)

Deeper distrust of American media. Hate crime hoaxes are spread without regard for their truth. CNN’s own Brian Stelter hosts a show called “Reliable Sources,” where he attacks “fake news.” Stelter has spread many hate crime hoaxes and recently shared the viral video of YouTube hoaxer Adam Saleh.

The economy will soar. Scott Adams explains why.

More media attacks on Trump supporters. The media suffers from a nasty case of hubris. There has been almost zero effort made to understand the Trump phenomena. The media will continue to double down on its attacks.

Worldwide nationalism movements. Political movements are connected to the collective unconscious and thus best understood as a zeitgeist. Brexit, the rise of Trump, Italy’s refusal to bow down to the EU, Angela Merkel’s declining popularity, and the rise of French nationalist Marine Le Pen are all connected.

Populism will be the hottest new political word of 2016. Remember when everyone started saying demagogue, even though most didn’t even know what it meant? Populism will find common usage as people focus less on abstract measures of economic growth like GDP and more on populist measures of well-being like median income and average life expectancy.

Putin will rise in popularity in the U.S. Why? See above. Putin is a nationalist, and nationalism is a worldwide movement. I have even heard from friends in India that there’s a nationalistic movement growing stronger there. Putin, Le Pen, and Trump are the faces of modern civic nationalism.

Masculinity rising. Culture is downstream of Hollywood, and in 2016 Bud-Lite pulled an ad campaign featuring feminist harpy Amy Schumer and cucked Seth Rogen. An aggressive masculine-type book would be the hottest socio-political category purchase in publishing.

The left will lose even more power, and in 2018 faces a mid-term election slaughter. The brand of the left is associated with fatness and grossness (Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer) and thus is losing its cool factor. Admitted pedophile and rape hoaxer Lena Dunham was the face of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and Dunham was forced to make a humiliating apology after saying she hadn’t had an abortion, but wishes she had the opportunity.

Racism against whites will become socially unacceptable. MTV had to take down its vile attack on white males. It’s no coincidence that MTV’s video was removed on the same week as Dunham apologized. The left has no ideas outside of identity politics and hatred.

A major pedophile ring will be exposed. Why did the same fake news media that spreads hate crime hoaxes freak out when citizen journalists began investigating pedophile rings? The media doth protest too much. There are three major pedophile rings in the U.S. – Hollywood, New York Media, and D.C. Dennis Hastert was a lifelong pedophile and everyone in D.C. knew it. Why didn’t they speak out? Under Trump, victims of child sex trafficking will feel empowered to go to the FBI.

The fake news media will continue trying to censor social media. Social media allows us to expose media hoaxes. Expect more panic and hysteria from the fake news media.

There will be an assassination attempt on Trump. The media will be blamed for inciting violence. If I worked in mainstream media, I’d be worried about the fall-out that will happen if harm befalls Trump.

The far right and center left will be the big winners. My brand will continue rising as left-wing losers like Seth Rogen decline. Centrists and center-left thinkers like Dave Rubin, Jordan B. Peterson will be the huge winners, as people move away from hateful regressive left thinking. YouTube stars like Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon on Akkad, Lauren Southern, and Rebel Media will continue growing.

Soft predictions (25% certain of this happening).

A Venture Capital fund committed to free speech will find controversial figures. Around 90% of the Valley supports Hillary Clinton. That still leaves billions on the table. Eventually the 10% will take their money and fund start-ups with controversial founders. Remember that it only takes 10% of committed people to begin a new movement. (P.S. That’s not a soft sell for investing in me. Outside investors = people breathing down my neck.)

Scott Adams’ app will be one the biggest new businesses launched. If Scott were taking investors in WhenHub (Apple, Android), I’d be first in line.

If you are a divorced parent with joint custody you know how frustrating it is to manage the hand-offs of the kids once or twice a week. One parent is always waiting for the other, and getting angrier each minute because of lateness that seems intentional (because exes are like that). You don’t want to text your ex, especially when the ex is driving with your kids in the car. So how do you solve this annoying child exchange tension that you have EVERY week? Try my startup’s new app, WhenHub. It allows any group of two or more people to TEMPORARILY geostream their locations on a map as they head to a meeting spot. (Like the Uber app without the Uber car.) That way you know your ex is on the way without talking to them. And if your ex is not cooperative, you can put the app on your kids’ phones because they will be in the same vehicle.

Mainstream companies will advertise to men. Most advertising for me follows the “helpless schlub” trope. (Think: Look at this poor helpless chubby man trying to buy Diet Coke, he’s lost without his wife’s guidance!)

Social media is undervalued, “real” media is overvalued. Young people who want to make it in media are focusing less on building a resume and getting internships and are instead building skills like video editing, public speaking, writing, and blog building.

Crowd funding will provide a career to new media stars. There’s a shortage of reliable news outlets and thoughtful political commentators out there. The next 3-5 years will see some major incomes for new stars. Eventually the market will be crowded out. In the short-term the outlook is exceptional for new media.

My mindset business will explode. American writers of self-reliance date back to Benjamin Franklin and Ralph Waldo Emerson. As people reject victim politics, they’ll start looking for answers. Gorilla Mindset is the answer.

What’s your biggest prediction for 2017?

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