Hillary Clinton supporter, comedy club owner, and accused rapist Mo Fathelbab was a media darling who became something of a folk hero after his underground club, in the wake of the Oakland warehouse fire that killed 36 people, was shut down by the New York Fire Department for safety issues. The Verge and other media outlets wrote about the club shutdown by blaming “4Chan” and the “alt-right.” Read: 4chan trolls want to ‘quell’ anti-Trump dissent by shutting down DIY venues and art spaces.

The coverage of the club shutdown was remarkable because it was the Fire Department that shut down the venue. “4Chan” saved lives.

What’s more remarkable is how the media is handling the rape accusation recently made against Fathelbab.

One woman, seeing the positive press coverage and fundraising efforts started on Fathelbab’s behalf, had enough. She claimed Fathelbab raped her at the now-defunct comedy club. According to the accusation, made on Facebook, an unconscious woman woke up with Fathelbab inside of her.


Where is the media outrage? Where is the coverage? The “journalists” who found Fathelbab a fascinating case study when he was attacking Trump and when his dangerous club was shut down haven’t reported on the accusations.

Compare these glowing articles of Fathelbab…




The media doesn’t care about women or rape. They will cover up alleged rapes committed by Hillary Clinton supporters.

Now some would ask whether I think the Mo Fathelbab case is a rape hoax. This is a fair question.

The rape accusation was made on Facebook rather than to a police officer. However Fathelbab has said in the past that all rape accusations must be believed. He is a social justice warrior. I will hold him to his own code.



The real issue isn’t Fathelbab, it’s the fake news media.

If a Trump supporter were accused of rape, can you imagine how many stories there’d be published?

The fake news media was obsessed with Fathelbab when they could use him to attack Trump or to blame “harassment” on the “alt-right” (even though it was the Fire Department who shut down the club.)

Yet when a rape accusation is made by a female comic against a male comedy story owner, there’s no outrage from feminist sites about patriarchy, rape culture, or privilege.

Read more about the Mo Fathelbab rape accusation here:

Hey remember the comic who ran The Experimental Comedy Gallery who blamed the “alt-right” for the fire department shutting down his illegal comedy club a few days ago? He’s been publicly accused of rape on Facebook, posted “its over” and deleted his account.

Interesting how that works, isn’t it?

When there’s a fake story about the alt-right getting a comedy club shut down, it’s HUGE NEWS!

A surprise inspection was kicked off from an anonymous tip, but owner Mo Fathelbab told Brokelyn he believes a far-right comedian he recently banned from the space was the tipster. The comedian, Louie Bee, sent a string of tweets to President-elect Donald Trump, Eric Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday, promising to produce a comedy show that would “slam the SJW leftist bullshit in Brooklyn.” Bee denied that he sent the tip or knew about the tip, telling Brokelyn that he’s “semi-against” the 4chan movement to shut down community art spaces and DIY venues.

Those alt-right people are terrible, right? BIG NEWS!

Williamsburg’s eclectic comedy venue the Experiment Comedy Gallery was permanently shut down for safety reasons by the New York Fire Department last night, displacing dozens of performers in a move supporters worry is tied to an alt-right campaign to shutter left-leaning venues. The surprise inspection came from a tip to the fire department that led to the discovery of a lack of proper fire exits. But fans and regulars point to a campaign by on sites like 4chan to shut down “radical left” and DIY spaces in the wake of the deadly Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. Fathelbab said he suspected the tip was made by a comedian he had banned from the venue who is known in the comedy community for being a right-wing agitator.

When a comedian is staging a Fuck Donald Trump event, it’s HUGE NEWS!

Mo Fathelbab and his crew at The Experiment Comedy Gallery are organizing what could be the most exhaustive (and exhausting) anti-Trump action to go down yet, one week before America officially becomes Trumplandia. On Friday January 13 the Williamsburg comedy club, which recently relocated to a former punk venue on Grand Street, will host The Fuck Donald Trump Marathon, an epic “31 and 1/2” hour lol-bender that the organizers say is “aimed to fuck with the incoming fascist regime of Donald J. Trump.”

When the same club owner is accusing of committing rape in the venue…Silence.

The fake news media has an agenda. They don’t care about women, children, or anyone else. They only want to harm Western Civilization.

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