Your Mentality=Your Physicality

The first impression you make with people is profoundly visual, and your state of health is physically represented.

Part of developing Gorilla Mindset is the development of the body. While you can mentally entrain yourself to think, feel, and perceive life differently, how you show up to the world is something that is perceived as it is SEEN. Your “ultimate identity” as I refer to it, that is your body.

We can read someone’s words and teachings, but it is their IMAGE that makes them immortal to people. Statues and portraits exist for a reason. Life is “witnessed” and remembered by way of sight. Imagine Zeus, Superman, Arnold, Ali. The image is instantaneous.

What image do people think of, if they were asked about you?

You Body demonstrates your Identity

Without fully realizing it, you have been identifying people based on their physical form your entire life.

As a child, you quickly learned to differentiate people’s ages based upon their physical size and manner of speaking. You learned to differentiate babies, children, and adults.

In cartoons and movies, you noticed that the villains and antagonists looked and talked “evil”. You saw villains dressed and acted a certain way, different from the protagonist.

As you got older, you saw how much attraction affected how people were treated. You became perceptive to differences in behavior between athletes, late bloomers, the “hot” girls who matured early, the dorky kids who matured late.

You encountered “napoleon complex” people, and “gentle giants”. You learned that the bigger and stronger someone was, and the more they asserted this, the more dominance they had on people around them.

As an adult, this does not change. The average CEO of a Fortune 1000 company is 6 feet in height, or taller. Taller men receive more female attention, attractive women are paid more than less attractive women. This is not social engineering, but simple biology. Even among mammals, there is favoritism and mating selection bias shown towards healthier and stronger male and females. This is all based upon the vitality of the body.

Your identity, from the time you were born until the day you die, it will follow your physical form and your behavior thereof.

Once you are aware of this, you can go about changing it.


Changing Your Body To Align with Mindset

Your body and physical health is one of the few things you can make very immediate changes on. Within 6 months, you can look, feel, and be a very different person.

I am a proponent of visualization when it comes to changing your physicality. There are core questions you can ask yourself to begin changing your mindset:

What is your current self image? (assess your current state of existence)

What would the strongest version of yourself look like? What would they move like? (What is the future state?)

Can you imagine yourself changing into that person? (visualize the process)

What would that person do right now, to reinforce who they are? (Practice the Process in Real time)

Does your more powerful self eat healthier, go to the gym, and interact differently with people? Those are all things you can begin putting into practice in the present.

The science and evidence behind visualization is powerful. It’s been practiced by bodybuilders for decades to motivate their training. It’s been used by athletes for over 60 years to “self program” themselves into champion level performance. In medicine, visualization improves rehab outcomes, speeds up recovery from illness, and can even predict extended mortality in terminally ill patients.

Visualization alone is not going to do the work for you, but it will create the internal drive to initiate. Motivation is temporal, but if you are driven to recreate your identity, you won’t need to rely on motivation at all.

The Physical Aspects of the Body

The questions have been asked, and now the work has to be done. Your mindset is seen within three key areas

-Your physique

-Your face

-Your manner of style and grooming

Your face, style, and grooming, those are another subject that deserve their own article.
And relative to your physicality, your physique is going to make the biggest impact and inform the other other two.

For your physique, your first focus should be to optimize your bodyweight and bodycomposition. Getting your bodyweight into a healthy range will improve your health and personal appearance. Losing unnecessary bodyfat will take this a step further. The more muscular and athletic you appear, the more confidence and influence you will exude.

Only fitness bros care about comparing one upping each other on bodyweight or bodyfat percentages. Being a fat and sloppy 250 is impressive to no one but other fat and sloppy guys on the internet. In the same vein, obsessing over whether you can see your oblique definition is also vapid and pointless.

I cannot say what your own “ideal” weight is, or how muscular you should be.

The following two websites provide a good guideline for determining this.

You can figure out what your ideal “lean” bodyweight would be here

For determining how muscular you can potentially be, an independent researcher, Casey Butt, has developed a calculator based upon the body dimensions of hundreds of drug free lifters

For your bodycomposition, you should aim for a range of 8-15% bodyfat. You don’t need to have a hard target number, just aim to fall somewhere within that range.

Anything above that, you will not look fat, but you also won’t look athletic or have clearly seen physical prowess either. You’ll be very “normal” looking. Anything lower than that, you either have exceptional genetics and/or it will not be sustainable for day to day life. Wanting to walk around “ripped” all the time is not realistic for most guys.

For training, you must resistance training, and do some form of cardiovascular activity. Training and cardio do not need to be excessive. 3-4 days per week of 45-60 of lifting weights can transform your physique within 6-12 months. After a few years of consistently lifting, you will look like an almost entirely different person.

For cardio, this all done to ensure your body effectively uses oxygen and that bloodflow is healthy. Walking 30-60 minutes a day can be entirely adequate, but if you want to run, bike, or do some sort of sport recreationally, that can suffice as well.


Your Diet, ideally this would be isocaloric (you eat at maintenance at a healthy bodyweight). You would eat an appropriate amount of protein, at least 1 gram per pound of lean body mass. The rest of your diet would come from carbohydrates and fats. The exact ratio of these I cannot say, as everyone is metabolically unique, but I would suggest that your food choices be largely unprocessed, whole foods. Juicing can be a very effective way to consume the nutrients from fruits and veggies, if they are not something you normally eat.

If you don’t know precisely where to begin, and what information to trust, Id suggest you become a member of my email list. I cover every aspect health and fitness in 3 emails every day. And if you know absolutely nothing about calories, metabolism, and nutrition, I’d suggest reading my book, which explains these things in comprehensive dialogues.