Hi, it’s Mike Cernovich here with some cool news. For over a year thousands of people have requested a hardcover edition of Gorilla Mindset. Since I published GM myself to avoid dealing with the corrupt publishing industry, which rips off authors, there was no way to get hardcovers done. That has changed. Gorilla Mindset is now available in hardcovers, exclusively at Barnes and Noble.


I’m not going to do a “hard sell” on these books, as many of you have already read Gorilla Mindset. I will tell you that the interior looks amazing. These are beautiful books.


Here’s the back cover.


Gorilla Mindset hardcovers are available exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

Buy a copy here.

P.S If you’re an independent author, you can publish hardcovers on B&N now. My friend Rob took me through the process.

(Are you interested in a full review/tutorial on how to get hardcovers of your books?)

Again, you can pick up a Gorilla Mindset hardcover today, because it will arrived before Christmas and the holidays.