“How can you let a man who wants to murder abortion doctors host a meeting at your event?” That is the type of emails venues receive when I announce the location of a Gorilla Mindset seminar in advance. It doesn’t matter that they are lying – When have I ever even wrote about abortion? – as their intent is to financially harm me and silence me.

Some will say it’s ironic for me to claim to be silenced, and yet consider the precautions I take before hosting a seminar:

  • I don’t announce the venue until the day of the seminar.
  • The venue has to be owned by a friend or someone familiar with me.
  • Someone has to be on alert to ensure no one starts calling the venue harassing them.

Those precautions are necessary for Gorilla Mindset seminars, which are politics-free and family-friendly. For anything political, we face actual violence.

Trump supporters gathered in West Hollywood for an impromptu flash mob. Afterwards they went to a local taco restaurant after being invited in by the manager. Patrons began booing once the Trump supporters walked in, and some even flung food. Two women were arrested for assault after clawing at a man and breaking his phone.

Another Trump event was disrupted yesterday.

The Deploraball was open to everyone of all backgrounds. After selling 500 tickets in 24 hours, the venue cancelled on us. Read: ‘DeploraBall’ Sells Out in 24 Hours, Clinton Supporters Get Venue to Back Out. The venue host claimed no event had been scheduled, and thus I posted the proposal to my Twitter.

The “social consequences of speech” cop-out.

People who try destroying the livelihoods of others or who violently attack people don’t want to face the facts – they are crappy people. They instead make the social consequences of speech argument, which goes like this: You have free speech rights, and we have the free speech right to criticize you. If others decide not to do business with you after we’ve expressed our free speech rights, tough luck.

The social consequences of speech argument is dishonest because the people using it spread lies. Moreover, they ignore reality. Businesses don’t want to deal with drama. If a venue chooses not to host me, it’s not due to my values. They simply don’t want to deal with harassing phone calls.

Gavin McInnes calls this the crazy ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend rule. “If your ex keeps showing up to your work and throws a brick through the window, you’re going to be fired. This isn’t because of any high-minded principle. Your boss simply wants people working, and drama is a distraction.”


Silencing people we disagree with by harassing their employers is one of the biggest issues of the day. That’s why we made a film about the subject called, appropriately enough, Silenced.

You’ll want to watch Silenced because Gavin Mcinnes is in it.