Vic Berger is trying to portray me as a harasser, so let’s get some facts straight.

  • Vic told his followers to message me after I blocked him.
  • His followers messaged and spammed me for weeks.
  • His followers finally crossed the line by DM’ing me a picture of me holding my daughter with the caption, “Cum.”
  • Vic never disavowed these comments, apologized to me, or took any responsibility for what his followers sent.
  • Far from being “random trolls,” two of the accounts who sent me the “Cum” DM were fans of Vic’s, and indeed Vic interacted with them.
  • Vic refuses to take ownership of what he started. He told his followers to message me, and they did, and now he wants to pretend he has no responsibility for what they sent me.

Vic Berger IV began trolling me on Twitter several weeks ago, and that’s fine. For several weeks he asked his friends and fans to troll me, and that was fine even though it’s technically a violation of Twitter’s terms of service and considered “harassment.” Yet there was something about Vic Berger IV that creeped me out, so I avoided him and ignored him. Today I have confirmation that Vic Berger IV is some sort of sicko as he pals around with people who send DMs saying, “cum” with a picture of a newborn baby. (Three people have sent me such messages, including two that Vic has interacted with before.)

Today I posed a picture of myself with my newborn daughter. I received a DM that can only be described as highly disturbing. A search of the sender revealed this was a fan of Berger.

Here is Vic Berger IV paling around with username @gurdubu. Here are several other examples. This was not a random troll account. This is an account that Vic had interacted with many times.

This is the direct message @gurdubu, Vic Berger’s friend, sent me.


When I showed the message to Vic’s own friend, Michael Ian Black, he replied (Archive), “I’m with you – not a fan of people making jokes (particularly sex jokes) about other people’s kids.”


Another one of Vic’s fans sent me a DM with “Cum.” The user was @pmurt420. I ran a search and Vic had interacted with this account before as well. Proof:


@pmurt420 also was a friend of the first account, @gurdubu. You can see they interacted often on Twitter. proof here:

That account Tweeted out many other messages make sex comments about my daughter. That account was suspended, that’s how bad it was.

User @pmurt420 is ban evading by using the new account @pmurt421,

As you can see, user  @gurdubu interacts with @pmurt421.

I did not view the multiple DMs as “jokes.”

Vic encouraged his friends to message me for weeks after I blocked him, and Vic tweeted at me despite being blocked on Twitter. Vic even made a video about me in a Tweet that it appears he has since deleted.



Vic, I do not take Twitter personally, but this is crossing the line. Your fans are sick, and given that you have continued to tell people to message me, it’s fair to infer you encourage this behavior.

Vic continually told his followers to message me after I blocked him, in violation of Twitter’s rules against targeted harassment.

By the way, Adrian Chen of the New Yorker praised Vick Berger and Brian Raftery called him a “genius.”

Perhaps they should do a follow-up article, asking Vic why his friends send pedophile-like messages to parents.

As you can see, Vic Berger talks to that person on Twitter regularly. Did Vic send him to harass me with pedophile messages? (Read the exchanges here.)

UPDATE: After publication of this article, more of Victor Berger’s fans and friends contacted me with even more appalling messages. Vic is trying to play the victim here because I reported on what his own followers sent.