WIRED wanted to interview me. I usually turn down media requests because they do not give me Twitter followers, increase my profile, or sell books. One hour on Twitter is worth more than a fake news media interview. However to show you how fake news is made, I spoke to WIRED about #DumpStarWars, a stupid story that I spend 30 seconds Tweeting about.

Now you might ask why dozens of “magazines” have written about #DumpStarWars. Star War is a multi-billion dollar franchise. They aren’t cyber-bullying victims.

However Disney owns Star Wars. Disney also owns the media. Thus “journalists” white knight for multi-billion dollar corporations. I explained this to WIRED’s research assistant, who didn’t get a byline for the article.

The questions have a normal indentation. My responses are in block quotes.

Hi Mike—WIRED is reporting on , which I see you’ve participated in. Any chance you’d like to chat about why you’re boycotting?

Star Wars writers hate Trump voters. Why give them money?

From what I’ve seen, what they really hate are white supremacists. You don’t see throwing alt-right/lite/west support behind the boycott as reinforcing the idea that trump supporters=white supremacists?

Buddy my wife is Persian, we have a daughter, the white supremacist stuff is stupid as hell.

To be clear, I wasn’t saying you were a white supremacist. But much of the backlash has focused on the idea that Rogue One is racist against white men. Are you saying that white supremacist sentiment isn’t a factor in the protest?

Nah that’s not it at all. I don’t see why this is hard to understand. Trump supporters are attacked. Giving money to people who attack them is pathetic. I am going to organize more boycotts.

I’m struggling to find evidence that Rogue One’s writers have been explicitly against anything but white supremacy. Could you point out an example?

I’m also curious about what else you plan to boycott.

Pro Hillary shills

To be really frank with you, that doesn’t look like an attack to me. How is supporting Hillary Clinton an attack on Trump?

How does supporting Trump make someone a Nazi? How are Steve Bannon and the Zionist Breitbart neo-Nazis? Why does media rush to defend Star Wars while lying about Breitbart?

Of course supporting Trump doesn’t make someone a Nazi. But here with Star Wars we have people speaking out against white supremacy, and Trump supporters jumping down their throats. If you don’t see a connection there, I’m very curious how you’d explain it.

Star Wars has a $100 million dollar media budget. There have been like 10 articles about me today. Why write about this? Who cares? There are real issues going on and Star Wars can afford entire PR Firms to back them.

You’re avoiding the question: Why protest if you’re not a white supremacist? How does supporting Hillary Clinton attack Donald Trump? This isn’t really about Star Wars at all. It’s about ideology. And the alt-right protesting this movie looks racist (and sexist) to many.

Is this why you went to journalism school – to white knight for Star Wars? A Google News search says there are 10,900 stories about already. Why add to this? Have you read Chomsky? Is concentration of media ownership the reason media rushes to defend multi-billion-dollar franchises?

Why protest Star Wars if you don’t want media attention? Doesn’t boycotting Rogue One publicize the film as well?

I made a few Tweets. It cracks me up that this is newsworthy. Did you know Disney (which owns Star Wars) is also one of six mega-corporations which controls 90% of all media? That’s the *real* story here. is a big deal only because “journalists” must protect their corporate owners.

How does Rogue One attack Trump supporters if they are not white supremacists?

What does white supremacy even mean? People throw the term around daily, even calling me one. It’s a meaningless buzzword. is a dopey story. One reason media is collapsing is because everyone writes the same (fungible) content. Another hot take on how is really a white supremacy psyop is totally what the world needs?

If you don’t think is worthy of coverage, why participate?

It would be a story worthy of coverage if 10,000 people aren’t writing about it. That’s my broader point. How many more “hot takes” does it need, especially when every mainstream article is gonna run with the “white supremacy” narrative? I make counter-narrative points, which is why my profile continues to rise where as 99% of people in media are never read for their own byline but instead are cogs in Disney-owned corporate machines.

If the white supremacy narrative is wrong, give me another. For the moment, I don’t buy that the writers have attacked Donald Trump or his supporters. The coverage won’t change unless someone gives it a reason to.

Well I told you my perspective and the perspective of the many non-white Trump supporters. No evidence will change your mind. It’s all good. This was a nasty election – the worst of my lifetime. Trump supporters have been physically attacked and media covered this up even when I showed people court records. Hillary supporters and their media and Hollywood enablers made this personal. We got the message. The media and entertainment industries hate us. Now it’s our turn. As for “coverage” changing, well I’m doing OK getting the message out. Have a nice day.

And the worst of mine. Wishing you a nice day as well.

Here is a real story for you. Demand more from your editors. You are more than a PR agent for multi-billion dollar corporations. [I then linked to a REAL story, that of course the fake news media did not cover.]