“Some just tweeted something inaccurate about me, claiming I said something I didn’t. What am I supposed to do here,” Jake Tapper emailed John Podesta. The site in question was Wonkroom, which is owned by left-wing Think Progress.


When I asked Tapper why he was asking his mentor John Podesta for advice, he flipped out, replying, “I was FIGHTING Podesta over Think Progress lies.”


Jake Tapper works for CNN alongside an anchor who leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton.

According to Tapper, Think Progress is fake news. According to me, CNN is a fake news website. Can we believe Fake Tapper when he claims Think Progress is fake news?

This is all getting a bit recursive.

There isn’t a way to define “fake news” in any sensible way, as human beings are flawed.

That won’t stop Tapper from attacking me, falsely claiming I spread fake news, while hosting guests from Think Progress on his show.

Think Progress is only fake news when they lie about Fake Tapper?

P.S. I got some head shots done.