I got Trump elected according to The Intercept’s Robert Mackey in a hater article calling my truthful reporting about sick Hillary’s health “disinformation.” (Trump got himself elected with the help of his great supporters.)

While Mackey wanted to attack me by claiming it was my “disinformation” that got Trump elected, he still seems to give me more credit than perhaps is deserved. (Experts say my reporting and social media activities last year moved the vote by 5%, although 3% seems more accurate to me.)

Mackey tried trolling me on Twitter. After losing he went to his blog, which is owned by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. (Cernovich Media is entirely self-funded via me and very generous readers who want truthful reporting.)

Silmi’s conversation with Jones, like my own brief exchange with one of the most prominent boosters of the #PizzaGate hoax —  the popular alt-right blogger Mike Cernovich — revealed something interesting about the mindset of those engaged in the vast campaign of disinformation that has helped to elevate Trump to the presidency. They fend off accusations that they are propagandists by claiming to be engaged in investigative journalism.

The media is obsessed with me, it’s getting pretty boring though. I don’t even have time to read all of the hate articles. Everyone from CNN to the New York Times has written about me, to no effect.

An hour on Twitter or article at Danger & Play is worth more than 100 CNN/fake news articles. That’s the real reason fake news media hates me.

Last year I swayed an election, built a massive media profile, wrote a book, and producing a documentary.

Rather than hate on me, the fake news people should read Gorilla Mindset to develop more self-confidence.

Speaking of free speech and free thought, Silenced DVDs are arriving. I’ll be mailing these out to Kickstarter backers soon!