The fake news media is falsely claiming that the #Pizzagate story belongs to me. This is simply untrue.

I have long said the following about #Pizzagate, as anyone who has watched my Periscopes will tell you:

  • There is an active pedophile ring in Washington, D.C. This pedophile ring included Dennis Hastert (who was called a “serial child predator” by the judge who sentenced him to prison), among others.
  • I have no idea whether Comet Pizza is the center of this pedophile ring. The evidence isn’t strong enough, which is why I have not named the parlor as being part of a sex trafficking ring.
  • There is some creepy art work and creepy people associated with Comet Pizza. These are gross people (the Podestas come to mind) and I wouldn’t associate with them or be around their “art.”

The Podesta family, which regularly patronizes Comet Pizza, remains friends with convicted pedophile Dennis Hastert. Why has the media not demanded the Podesta family disavow a pedophile?

There are also massive pedophile rings in Hollywood and in media.

The BBC covered up a pedophile ring.

The New York Times and other media outlets like Salon have advocated for pedophilia, with the Times running this disgusting headline: “Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime.”

Now here are some interesting questions.

Why doesn’t everyone in the world know that Dennis Hastert is a convicted pedophile? Why didn’t the media cover this story deeply?

Why hasn’t the media covered the Richard Epstein pedophile story closely? Daily Mail ran some columns. Otherwise the media ignored it.

Why did the Clintons defend a convicted human trafficker, and where was the media coverage of this issue?


The fake news media will not report truthfully on pedophilia.

Assume #Pizzagate is a bogus story. Even so, ask yourself how much energy is being used to debunk #Pizzagate? Why are the people who seek to disprove #Pizzagate not reporting on Dennis Hastert, Jeffrey Epstein, and other pedophiles in Hollywood, media, and Congress?

Who are they protecting?