Silenced, a documentary on free speech I produced and you funded, is unique because no one “stars” in it. The protagonist is not me or another narrator. Free speech is the protagonist. Silenced is as much a film as it is a historical project answering the question, “What does free speech mean today?”

To answer that question, we talked to everyone – big names in art and media, famous lawyers, comedians, and college students.

Sherrod Small & Kurt Metzger are two comedians who co-host a show formerly on XM called “Race Wars.” Race Wars explores politically incorrect topics with guest appearances from SNL writers, Ann Coulter, and even me. Kurt Metzger has had social justice online hate mobs form around him for his “offensive” comedy. Yet Kurt also worked as a writer for Amy Schumer’s show.

David Horowitz is a Zionist who wrote an article at Breitbart entitled, “Bill Kristol: Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew.” Fake news media claimed the article was anti-Semitic, carefully failing to identify the article when citing the headline in support of the (fake) claim that Breitbart is anti-Semitic. Horowitz has funded many pro-free projects.

Alan Dershowitz is a left-wing lawyer who has fought for the free speech rights of neo-Nazis. Dershowitz has also been barred from speaking at many college campuses because his pro-Israel speeches have been falsely labelled as “hate speech.” Meeting Dershowitz was a personal joy of mine, as his book “The Best Defense: The Courtroom Confrontations of America’s Most Outspoken Lawyer of Last Resort” inspired me to go to law school.

Weev (Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer) is a white supremacist who was wrongfully convicted of computer-hacking related crimes. Weev was recently in the news, “Hacker Hijacks Thousands of Printers to Disseminate Nazi Propoganda.”

Ricky Vaughn is an alt-right meme magician who was banned from Twitter for being too effective at fighting fake journalism. You can find Ricky on

Milo Yiannopoulos is a famous journalist, public speaker, and TV/media personality. Banned from Twitter, Milo has seen his own brand rise even higher. You can read Milo’s review of Silenced here.

Who else in Silenced?

When will Silenced be available on Netflix/Amazon/etc.?

According to the distribution company I hired, Silenced will be available for general release in 6 to 8 weeks.

Will Silenced have closed captioning?

Yes, although that’s not available on Vimeo at this time.

Will Silenced be seen in theatres?

We are planning two private showings in January – one in Los Angeles and another in San Francisco.

Why aren’t there any social justice warriors in Silenced?

Chris Sacca, Anil Dash, Nick Denton and other high profile voices of the regressive left turned down offers to be in Silenced. We even promised to let them choose their own clip.


Where can you watch Silenced today?

This is the only way.