How many women or men in media write a book and produced a feature-length documentary in 2016?

In 2016 I produced Silenced, a documentary on free speech which includes everyone from Scott Adams (of Dilbert and now pundit fame) to Alan Dersowitz to computer hackers to college students to black American members of the “hotep” movement.


In 2016 I wrote, MAGA Mindset, a mindset book explaining Trump’s rise to the White House. MAGA Mindset already has over 150 book reviews.


I launched a Periscope channel which quickly amassed 62,000 followers and 11 million “likes” in less than a year.


I directed a documentary on the fake news media’s dishonest coverage of the RNC and DNC.

I boosted the brand of Gorilla Mindset, doubling its sales. Gorilla Mindset now has over 650 reviews on Amazon.


I also recorded 42 podcasts on subjects including success and mindset to overcoming fears and wrote hundreds of articles and 10x’ed my Twitter profile, going from an average of 10 million monthly impressions to 142 million impressions in November, 2016.

Compare November 2015…


With November 2016…



Who else in media has my track record of success?
Fake news has to call me a troll because they have no other way to define me.

Haters say I self-promote too much, which is nonsense. If anything we are doing too much at Danger & Play Productions and Cernovich Media, making it harder to promote each project properly.

For example one month after releasing a book about Trump, I launched Silenced. Most people spend months promoting a new book or film. I only have a few days or a few weeks to promote new releases.

Speaking of being too busy to properly promote our work, you’ll want to watched Silenced, because it’s getting great reviews. Watch Silenced here.