When I launched a Kickstarter for a documentary on free speech, Silenced, my haters said no one would want to to fund it. The crowd fund was highly successful, thank you!

Then they said Silenced would never get made. Not only was Silenced made, but it includes some of the biggest names in law, culture, and journalism.

Now they are saying it’s not good, because, well they don’t have a reason. They are spazzing out. They are also “making fun” of Silenced’s awesome poster. That is their best “shot” at the People’s Champ. Sad!


Meanwhile, Janet Bloomfield (a Silenced backer) loved the film.

I watched the whole version of Silenced last night on Vimeo, and it is well worth your time and money.

Silenced takes an interesting approach to the First Amendment from a technical perspective. I don’t know if it’s deliberate (I will give Loren the benefit of the doubt and assume it is), but the camera crew is often visible in reflective surfaces like the glass covering background pictures and posters. The camera crew has an affinity for stripes, which I find quite hilarious – like some twisted combination of prison garb and concentration camp pyjamas. For me, this has the decided effect of serving as a reminder of just where censorship can lead. It begins with the chilling effect of self-censorship (as many in the film talk about), and leads inevitably to the shadows of the grave.

You can watch Silenced here, because it’s the best film on free speech in 2016.