The terms you use to define yourself will limit or increase your odds of success. Scott Adams told me during my interview of him, “I define myself as an entrepreneur. This is the broadest definition of self and thus doesn’t put any limits on me or what I can do.”

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By the way, Scott Adams, entrepreneur, has a new app out.

If you are meeting with family and friends for the holidays, you might find a lot of value in my start-up’s free app, WhenHub. It’s like the Uber app, but for any group of two or more people who want to geostream their locations on a map as they approach a meeting place. No more wondering where everyone is and how long you have to wait. The app is free, and works across iPhone and Android platforms:

WhenHub app for Apple:Apple

WhenHub app for Android:Android

You can listen to my interview of Scott Adams on Soundcloud:


Or watch it on YouTube, in two parts:

My skin was in a terrible flare during our talk, but I don’t define my identity based on my worst traits.

Neither should you.