Silenced has now been seen in over 31 countries!


Silenced will be available on DVD soon.


The approval process for Amazon and Netflix is lengthy.

Silenced won’t be available on those platforms for several weeks.

The only way to see Silenced today is on Vimeo.

More reviews for Silenced are pouring in:

Silenced is skillfully edited, each segment crafted to create a coherent narrative with a definitive through-line discussing the importance of free speech to a given field, and how this silencing has affected it.

And while I would have preferred a little more context, mainly so those who will watch after 2016 or who aren’t paying attention to the current culture could understand the issues Silenced seeks to address, the film still makes sense on its own.

I also wish Silenced were longer. Some speakers tended to dominate the conversation, and there are others I would have liked to have heard more from. I get the feeling, though, that unused footage will be used in some way in the future.

Viewers are pleased:

  • POWERFUL documentary!! I am going to watch it again bc the longer I watched it, the more fired up I GOT! I think the most powerful quote I will remember is,”….we silence ourselves”. That’s SO CORRECT!!!
  • Wonderful! This documentary is going to be a reference on everything we will produce in the future as a rural engaged arts organization. No flying cameras, no crazy graphics, no fast cut-ups, just people talking their minds with the serenity and depth of not being bullied by some furious social justice opponent. And it really makes us think that the future political and social divide will be more and more between intolerant moralists and down-to-earth free speechers, independently of leaning towards left or right wing.
  • Mike, I’ve been a fan of yours for a while now. Great documentary, especially the part about comedy. Comedy is only funny when it is unexpected or uncomfortable. Look at what meme culture and guys like Gavin McInnes accomplished this election cycle. Keep up the good work brother.

Watch Silenced here.