Fake news would have you believe America is full of neo-Nazis. To support this narrative, “journalists” stage a few photo ops and run the same picture of the same 5 or 10 people non-stop. It’s highly effective persuasion, and also unethical and dangerous.

Remember this persuasion principle, “Focus is influence.” By focusing readers and viewers on “neo-Nazis,” the fake news media influences people to believe neo-Nazis are a big deal in America. This works because people don’t stop to say, “Wait, isn’t this footage being played on CNN/FoxNews/NBC only like 5 or 6 guys?”

Rational thinkers may be interested in actual data analysis to determine how prevalent neo-Nazis are. I’m the man to show this data.

According to the fake news media, I am  “white supremacist,” (Slate) a “white nationalist” (The Atlantic) and “leader of the alt-right” (New York Times). If this is true, then surely a lot of “neo-Nazis” follow me on Twitter. A look at my Twitter analytics would give us some insight into the number of “neo-Nazis” in America.

After a media surrogate was paid to stage a photo op to discredit Trump, I distanced myself from all of that nonsense. And it’s nonsense, not actual terror or anything to be afraid of. (A few people throwing up Roman salutes isn’t triggering, it’s a sign they don’t want to undergo the serious adult undertaking upon us.) The media is creating a form of Satanic panic around non-existent neo-Nazism. It’s shameful, divisive behavior. But hey, that’s why they call it fake news.

People were furious, my comments were flooded, and there are many message board posts spazzing out about me. But what’s the data say?

Spot the day I distanced myself from fools. You won’t be able to, because only a few people cared enough to stop reading me.


Here is what happened to my Twitter follower count after “betraying” a group the fake news media claimed I was part of.


I lost a few followers, maybe, although a post-election drop-off was expected.


The fake news media is lying.

There is no neo-Nazi movement in the U.S. There are a few hundred, or maybe a thousand, dedicated Internet activists who have usernames like HitlerWasABoss1488. They make a lot of noise, much as the fake news media makes a lot of noise.

Remember first principles. Attention is influence. 

If a few hundred people post with fervor online, it seems like there are a lot of them because they get your attention.

I live in the world of facts and rationality. No one from the alt-right is out there committing violent acts.

Meanwhile, Trump had his campaign headquarters in North Carolina firebombed. Several Trump supporters were attacked. Two Hillary supporters were even arrested for criminal assault.

All of the “attacks” blamed on Trump supporters were revealed to be hoaxes.


The fake news media has been caught orchestrating and spreading hoaxes.

The fake news media is creating hysteria and panic to further a left-wing agenda.

To learn more about media hoaxes and to better understand the news, read MAGA Mindset, because it’s time to learn how to think for yourself.