Birthdays come and go and I’ve stopped tracking them, simply due to being busy. You made 2016 my best year of live, however, and some personal thanks are in order.

Thank YOU to everyone reading this article.

You’ve bought my books, share links to D&P, RT’ed me into global success and influence, and even funded a feature film. Without you I’d have a diary. With you I have a worldwide brand.

I am committed to continue bringing more value into your life.

Thank you Scott Adams for writing a great book on how to win at life.

And for letting me interview you and being a friend, even though there are major branding issues to openly associating with me.

  • (I never hold it against anyone for not wanting to openly admit to reading me. Each person has to make that personal choice, and mentioning me draws a lot of fire.)

Adams sets the standard for success that all men (and maybe some women) should follow.

Thank you James Altucher for writing Choose Yourself.

Your book remains one of the best books on mindset ever written.

Thank you to Stefan Molyneux for our friendship and for inviting me onto your show.

I’ve done it all now – been on TV, been written about in every newspaper in the world, and even had a five-page New Yorker profile. Nothing has come close to boosting me than being on your show.

Thank you to Dave Rubin.

You took a chance having me on your show and you got a lot of drama for it. Your show and media style, which puts free speech and open inquiry at the center, is the future of media.

Thank you to Vox Day for editing/publishing MAGA Mindset.

It was great to get another winning book out.



Thanks to Loren Feldman for being the Director of my first feature film!

Thanks to Victor Pride for helps years ago in building up Danger & Play.

Congrats on your book launch!


Thank you to Shauna for uniting with me one year ago today.

I don’t write much about Shauna because then people will ask relationship questions, and that’s not my message. Shauna deals with a lot of hate for being with me, and has learned how to play the media game.

She loves being with me and loves being loved. What more could a man ask for?

Our daughter is due in three weeks and I couldn’t be more excited.