When I began writing about politics, I lost a lot of my mindset readers. People were outraged. They left, some more arrived, and that’s life as a writer. As you go into 2017 and I begin writing about other subjects, more readers will fall off, and more readers will find me. I write from the heart and share my truth.

I have never bought an advertisement. No one has been “forced” to read me. No one has had their Facebook feed interrupted with my picture. Danger & Play’s and Gorilla Mindset’s massive success has been due to readers sharing stories they found compelling, and I’ll continue writing compelling articles.

It may piss off a lot of people, but I’ve lost more readers than 99.9% of writers will ever have.

Yesterday a lot of people were furious that I wasn’t down the the “Roman salute.” If you believe such acts are trolling rather than unimaginable folly and a surefire way to destroy your movement, then you do not deserve to read me.

While I am grateful for every reader, you do not own me.

You can buy a book, or not. You can read me, or not.

I’ve learned that the people who get angry about what I write never buy books, anyway. Entitlement mindset.

As far as the “shekels” go…While my book sales are spectacular (10,000 copies of Gorilla Mindset and MAGA Mindset sold in November), there is far more money available to me by selling Jeff Walker and Grand Cardone style courses.

Chances are you don’t know anything about my business, because almost no one is as successful as I’ve been online. That’s not bragging, it’s simply the truth.

Some believe I got famous off of Trump. This is nonsense. I was recognized in every city from my early work at Danger & Play. “Hey, are you Mike…from Danger & Play?!” You always remember the first person who asks that (at Whole Foods at Venice, California).

If I hadn’t focused on this past election and instead worked on my mindset business, then I’d have the same profile as now, except for different reasons.

If you’re offended that I’m not down with Roman salutes (for a number of reasons), great, don’t read me.

However your advice about how I am ruining my brand or something is complete nonsense. Even Trump had to say something:

“I don’t want to energize the group, and I disavow the group,” Trump told Baquet. “It’s not a group I want to energize, and if they are energized, I want to look into it and find out why.”

Asked point-blank about the conference featuring Spencer, Trump again disavowed any support. “I disavow and condemn them,” Trump told Times reporters. He did chide them for continuing to ask about the topic though, telling one questioner: “Boy, you are really into [this issue].”

Great job, morons, you finally gave the media its first win in over a year. They got Trump to disavow a group.

Trump won, nationalism is going places, and people have to step up their game.

I’ve even toned down my own Twitter in strategic ways. This is called being smart and recognizing we are in the major leagues now.

I have no time or patience for people who make unforced errors.

Today is the most exciting time to be alive in the United States in decades. There is opportunity to remake America.

Our enemies are funded by billionaires and include the largest media networks in the world.

Our friends….We there are friends in surprising places, and if we want to keep them there, we must up our own game.

Again, if that offends or triggers anyone into being angry at me, and if you think expressing your anger at me will change what I write, then you must be new here.

Some are already vandalizing Gorilla Mindset’s Amazon book reviews. Have you left a review? I don’t generally ask for them, as I’m grateful you bought a copy. Now is the time to leave a review, because a lot of fake 1-star reviews are showing up. Leave a review here.