Recently Al Jazeera producers asked me to appear on air to discuss new media, Steve Bannon of Breitbart, and Donald Trump. I usually don’t do TV unless it’s live, but took a chance. The segment turned out to be fantastic and insightful. Watch it here.


On The Listening Post this week: The US media begins the process of ‘normalising’ Donald Trump; plus, we look at Germany’s media trust issues and the challenges of reporting the rise of the right.

Normalising Trump: The US media whitewash

Normalisation – it’s the new buzzword in post-election American journalism. Is this softening of media criticism designed to give the president-elect a chance, or is it a self-serving media push to mend fences and ensure access to the Trump White House?

Talking us through the story are: Ryan Grim, Washington bureau chief, The Huffington Post; John Doyle, TV critic, The Globe and Mail; Mike Cernovich, author and filmmaker; Sarah Kendzior, the author of The View From Flyover Country; and Kurt Bardella, president, Endeavor Strategies and former spokesman, Breitbart.