The only feature-length documentary on free speech featuring everyone from a neo-Nazi to Alan Dershowitz has been released to Kickstarter backers. Silence has received great reviews along with some fair criticism.

Some of the rave reviews:

  • Information and cast wise, I loved it. I loved seeing all these people that I’m usually just reading tweets from. Plus, it was great hearing from people like religious leaders, attorneys, and comedians.
  • I enjoyed the way Feldman got out of the way, by editing out the questions and making the interviewee the focus. You get the feeling that the interviewees are expressing themselves fully, without any barriers – which is sort of the idea behind the film.
  • The best way to describe Silenced, in my mind, is to call it a think piece. Their aren’t a lot of flashy graphics or advanced filming techniques, but there are a lot of thought-provoking stories and takes. The film consists of a bunch of smart and/or outspoken people talking about free speech and the way it’s been under attack in our country and abroad.
  • It is a powerful, layered and dreadfully troubling documentary that carries grave message.

Some criticism:

  • To start off, there was very little intro or outro to the movie. I can understand if this was a style choice. But, having seen many documentaries in the past, I was expecting Mike to be seen at the beginning (we have to wait 52 minutes into the film to see that beautiful face!) and essentially be the host, set the stage for the rest of the film, and give us a question to ponder as we go forward.
  • Great first documentary. Can’t wait to see what you do next. One piece of feedback: there’s little narrative. what happened to info-tainment? You want to be entertaining and informative. Look at the doc on Wim Hof that captures you because it follows the journey of a young reporter. I personally feel it’s hard to connect the story with talking heads. I see the strength in terms of getting more information across, but I feel it comes at the cost of our engagement. Mike you have such a strong personality. I wish you were more centre staged in this but I’m sure you’ll do it for your next piece. Good work, great guests, and fantastic historical examples!

A traditional documentary follows the journey of a central protagonist. “Hi, I’m Mike Cernovich, lawyer, author, and film maker. Follow me as we….” Neither I nor Loren wanted do to that style of film with Silenced.

Silenced about about making me a “star,” it was about hearing from YOU. We talked to over 50 people from all walks of life and were able to work them all into the story.

Here’s a look at the cast of Silenced.


I wasn’t even going to be in Silenced at all until Loren convinced me to say a few words.

You asked for our thoughts here. So… Silenced had a good, balanced cast. Kudos for assembling it. The juxtapositions added interest. Until the very end, however, I thought the film lacked the necessary oomph. There was nothing that’s going to reach out, grab someone by the heartstrings, and demand that they care.

This is a fair point and one Loren and I discussed throughout production. Silenced didn’t come by accident, it was intentional. Silenced isn’t a car crash movie. We could have added more human drama by focusing on people like Pax Dickinson, but then Silenced would have a copycat of So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson.

HOAXED! The Media’s War on Truth (our next film) is going to be part action film, part slasher pic, part Cernovich savagery.

Watch Un/Convention to get the vibe of HOAXED!

Silenced was a film seeking unity, which is why the vibe is serious and thoughtful. As one viewer explained:

  • Silenced almost creates it’s own media category analogous to podcasts the same way movies are analogous to TV shows. The information in Silenced is super engaging and incredibly well structured. Many will probably say that there’s not much to look at and that Silence could be enjoyed as a podcast. Idk though, I had a lot of fun seeing some of my favorite authors’ faces for the first time. James Altucher, you look like a mad scientist, I love it!
  • Absolutely outstanding work guys. This is one of the best videos I have watched all year. But I am disturbed at how few people have seen it.

Watch the trailer for Silenced here.