A “prestigious” publication is writing about me, and it likely will be another hit job. Whatever, my articles responding to any piece pieces get more views than the hit pieces themselves (which is why I don’t reply to most of them anyway). The fact-checker contacted me. Here was my reply:

I’m addressed as Mike Cernovich, best-selling author of “Gorilla Mindset” and “MAGA Mindset: Making YOU and America Great Again.” Some also call me a “lawyer, author, and filmmaker.” Many people cannot believe how productive I am, as I wrote a book (MAGA Mindset) and produced a film (Silenced) in addition to building up a Twitter account that receives nearly 150 million impressions a month. The massive momentum in my life is due to Gorilla Mindset, the most powerful mindset book ever written – read some of the almost 600 reviews on Amazon to transform your own life into one of power and authenticity.

You can verify my claims here:

About Mike Cernovich

Q: Do you believe that white male identity politics have been neglected and should play a bigger role in our national politics?

A: My best-selling book MAGA Mindset explains white identity politics. I disdain all identity politics. My position is that if every other racial, ethnic, and religious group engages in identity politics, then it’s illogical to complain when whites vote as a racial/ethnic bloc.

The left has played dirty identity politics for decades. It’s worked well for them. The left should be flattered others are copying their highly successful political model.

My personal preference is for Americans to unite for a common cause, looking beyond what divides us. The power elite, which includes the banking and military industrial complex, divide ordinary Americans who would otherwise share a common cause. Dividing working class Americans is a powerful psyop, which allows the ruling elite to receive bail outs for bad bets, to “lose” trillions of dollars via the Pentagon, and enables them to engage in pedophilic acts.

Convicted pedophile and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton took several trips together, with Bill ditching his Secret Service. Why wasn’t this a huge story? Simple. “Journalists” at Mother Jones and other left-wing magazines and websites are more concerned with petty identity politics and are too afraid to focus on the true evil that exists in this world.

The left should encourage unity in these troubling times, and the hate crimes committed by the left must be disavowed by Obama, Clinton, Sanders, and their surrogates in the fake news media.

Q: Is that a pretty fundamental / overarching belief for you? Or is it a more minor part of your political philosophy?

A: I am not a white identitarian. As an author, journalist, and commentator I *explain* white identity politics. I will not virtue signal by pointing out my wife is Persian and that we are expecting a daughter in December, because it doesn’t make a difference and the fake news media will lie about me anyway. I recently hired a lawyer after a Dutch newspaper libelled me. They corrected their inaccurate story, and I may soon be suing The Atlantic for libel, as they lied about me with the intent to harm my reputation.

Q: Does you believe that political correctness prevents discussion of things like the biological differences between men and women? And it also prevents frank discussions about the propensity of certain ethnic groups (like blacks and Latinos) for crime?

A: As a free speech absolutist, I don’t believe any subjects should be off limits. No-platforming is censorship. The left ruins the lives of those they disagree with. I talk to liberals and others who may disagree with me, as the world will see in my feature-length documentary – Silenced: Our War on Free Speech. Silenced has been released to Kickstarter backers via digital download and will be in theatres soon.

I push the borderlands of free speech and often say things I don’t personally agree with to get a conversation going. Few people know what I *truly* believe, which gratifies me personally and professionally.

My position as a best-selling author with a massive following of extraordinary Americans and concerned citizens across the global (I’ve been spotted in person at Cafes from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Cape Town, South Africa) makes me anti-fragile.

I have more freedom than billionaires, as my mindset is free from slave emotions like “guilt” and “shame.” I will continue pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable speech.

Thanks for the fact-check.