I’ve now published three books including a general mindset book and a political-media-mindset explainer on Trump. Many people want to know which book to read first.

Gorilla Mindset is the best mindset book ever written.

With over 550 reviews, Gorilla Mindset has been one of Amazon’s top selling mindset books, and was selected as being among the top 1% of self-published books. Gorilla Mindset isn’t another “TED Talk” book full of nifty anecdotes and feel-good stories. Gorilla Mindset is a manual for your life.

Read what people are saying about Gorilla Mindset:

  • Great book, powerful ideas to change direction and influence your life. Myself and my husband read it. Recommended to my young nephew who also loved it.” – A.C.
  • The best lifestyle improvement for men currently on the market. It’s very short (under 200 pages, including pictures) and covers everything form how to approach life, to diet, exercise, and financial planning. All of the advice is practical, yet encourages the reader to do their own further research.” – P.J.
  • One of the best self-improvement books ever written. It doesn’t matter what your problem is, there’s something here for everyone.” – L.
  • “If you want to win in life, read this guy’s book and change your mindset. Decades of negativity have caused big damage and I finally have had it.” – J.M.C.
  • The writing is concise, and has a feel as if you’re speaking to a friend.” – G.G.



MAGA Mindset is the best book on 21st century American politics.

Not only did I predict Trump would win the GOP primary (when he had an “3% ceiling,”), but I also wrote a book on how he would win before a single vote had been cast. People who dispute the claim that MAGA Mindset is the definitive book on the future of American politics are welcome to show me their prediction record.

MAGA Mindset is also unique because it explores the mindset principles Trump uses, and teaches you how to apply those same principles to your own life.

After less than one month, MAGA Mindset has over 120 reviews (look for verified purchase) on Amazon:

  • What you get is incisive, brutally honest commentary & analysis on the strong, victorious cultural forces that propelled Donald J. Trump into the White House, alongside a blow-by-blow account of the fake news media’s failure to deliver a win for their favored candidate Hillary Clinton.” – J.S.
  • Mike is honest and trustworthy, which is very rare these days. Extremely intelligent guy that everyone can learn from. Buy the books, change your life!” – R.W.
  • Finished it in one sitting. Guess I’m just not that into the political stuff. Enjoyed the lifestyle advice. Written well before Trump won.” A.P.B.
  • “When I read the book, I was shocked at how short it was, but it’s all he needed. The takeaway is learning more about Trump’s rise, near fall, and rise again. I wonder how relevant the book would be if Clinton won, but with Trump’s win, it’s a must read for those whom cannot fathom a Trump presidency.” – E.Z.
  • Ideal for short bursts of reading in line, or on a crowded train.” – N.Y.


Can women read Gorilla Mindset and MAGA Mindset?

Yes, at least 25% of Gorilla Mindset readers are women. I marketed Gorilla Mindset for men because we had been left out of the mindset market. Most mindset books are general interest basic bitch books. Boring.

My mindset when writing Gorilla Mindset was to step away from crap about, “Learn to love yourself.” No, learn to push yourself. Learn to take responsibility for your choices. Love is not the answer, taking control of your life is.

However read the reviews on Amazon for yourself.

Great read if you want to improve your mindset – coming from a woman (wife & mother)

I think it’s important to live life to the fullest and to your full potential – without taking any bull**** in the process. This is a great read and motivator to help achieve those principals. I am probably not Mike’s target demographic but I found this book quite helpful and entertaining. I am a wife and mother of two boys and I hope they will grow up with a gorilla mindset!

You can also find many women praising Gorilla Mindset on social media.


Are Gorilla Mindset and MAGA Mindset suitable for all ages?


Is Gorilla Mindset available in audiobook.

Yes, it’s on Amazon and Audible.

The reviews on Audible are fantastic, with 650 ratings.


Is Gorilla Mindset available at Barnes & Noble.

I’d have to take a massive pay cut to publish with Harper Collins or another traditional publishing house, which is the only way to get your books in Barnes & Noble.

B&N has created a new program where they will publish my hard backs directly. I’ll make that happen.

In the meantime, you can find my books on Amazon

“I’m not persuaded.”

All good.

Did you know it takes 50% of people who read an author over 2 years to buy a book?

Every day thousands of people find me. Take your time. Gorilla Mindset has already hit its tipping point, and no one should be “guilted” into buying my books!

Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.

My books are here.