After the Silenced Kickstarter was over, some people asked if they could still back the film. Although I updated the list of backers, I also receive a lot of traffic on my PayPal. I want to make sure you weren’t left out.

Did you back Silenced after the Kickstarter was over? If so, please email Shauna.Danger at gmail.

BTW, this is not a clever way for me to ask you to back Silenced now. That chapter has closed. Silenced is finished, the credits are done.

  • People have really been enjoying Silenced, and all backers of $100 or above are entitled to have their names in the credits. If would be awful for you and me both if your name was omitted.

If you backed Silenced after the Kickstarter ended, email Shauna asap. Thank you!

BTW, we did an alt-poster for Silenced. These will be printed out soon.