Watching “the news” is paying attention to losers who got it wrong explaining why Trump won. Why not listen to two people who both predicted and explained Trump’s win before any ballots had been cast?

Scott Adams explained Trump’s success in this interview with Mike Cernovich.

Scott Adams gave a lot of practical advice that you can follow to improve your own life in this second video.

I also went on the Dave Rubin Report almost a year ago to predict Trump’s win and to explain the timeless principles Trump used in his own life, and that you can use in your own life, to win.


If you enjoy learning why Trump won, then read MAGA Mindset, because I explained why Trump won before the election even happened.

What are people saying about MAGA Mindset?

  • Fantastic book! MUST read for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the incredible movement behind the 2016 Presidential election. – R.W.
  • It is a well written, well flowing, concise book. I highly recommend it. I just purchased the Kindle version so that I can share excerpts in my own writings, and I also plan to order the paperback at my local bookstore because I always buy the paper version of books that prove themselves on my digital readers.- JW
  • This book has a unique perspicacity to it which makes it both easy and enthralling to read. – DB
  • When I read the book, I was shocked at how short it was, but it’s all he needed. The takeaway is learning more about Trump’s rise, near fall, and rise again. I wonder how relevant the book would be if Clinton won, but with Trump’s win, it’s a must read for those whom cannot fathom a Trump presidency. – EZ
  • MAGA MINDSET is a book for those who want to thrive and make this world a better place. I really enjoy Mr. Cernovich’s writing style in which I think there is a focus on content and arguments. Worth the money. Buy it! – NC

Invest in your own MAGA Mindset here.