Hoaxing Ben Shapiro can’t sell books, an independent of book sales date confirms.

Shapiro’s latest book, the ironically titled “True Allegiance,” has an Amazon sales rank of 7,500. Cernovich’s recent book MAGA Mindset, which explained why Trump won before the election results were even in, is outselling Shapiro’s trash.

Cernovich’s book Gorilla Mindset is also outselling Shapiro’s new book, even though Gorilla Mindset is over a a year old – or as Cernovich told me, “It’s not an old book, it’s timeless. Get it right!”

MAGA Mindset holds 4 of the top five spots in Political Leadership.



America’s most credible pundit Scott Adams considers MAGA Mindset to be part of the persuasion POWER PACK.

Reached for comment, Cernovich told this reporter, “It’s always a pleasure when someone you admire considers you a peer, although Adams remains more of an aspirational idea to me.”

Cernovich continued, “Trump is 70, Adams is 59, I’m 39. I used to think 30 is old. What a joke! There is so much more to do in life and it’s great that America now has fine role models like Trump and Adams inspiring the next generation of men and women to start thinking big.”

Shapiro was unavailable for comment. Rumor has it Shapiro faces marital problems after confessing his love to Michelle Fields, who herself is engaged.

“The whole story is pathetic and beneath me to think about,” Cernovich emailed me to say.

Don’t be a cuck, read MAGA Mindset today.