When I said Trump, then given a 1% change of winning the GOP primary, would win the entire election, people called me crazy. Even friends told me to keep my opinions to myself, as clearly I wasn’t smart enough to talk policy. Today those friends are quiet when they need to issue apologies.

The accusations of madness illustrate the limits of human rationality. I studied persuasion under perhaps the most persuasive American who has ever lied – Gerry Spence. I lived and breathed story telling, sitting at the feet of masters of trial advocacy and persuasion. I published legal scholarship, wrote books, and build a massive online and real-world following.

No rational person would have called me crazy. Looking at my background would have made them reflect on their own assumptions about the world. “Is Cernovich seeing something I’m not,” a truly rational person would have said.

Today is a new beginning. Update your own mental software. If you did not predict Trump’s rise, your mental model of the world is defective.

Update it today with MAGA Mindset, the only book explaining Trump’s rise by someone who called Trump’s win when people called me crazy.