Sixteen months ago when I said Donald Trump would win the Republican primary, people called me crazy, which is another day for me. Today is election day, and I have no regrets. 2016 has been the best year of my life, and I’ve made more new friends than during college – where it’s easy to meet new people due simply to proximity. What happens on November 9th?

Welcome to new friends!

You wouldn’t believe who I’ve met in the past year because of my journalism. All I’ll say is that it’s been incredible. We are at the beginning of a new cultural and intellectual revolution.

There’s a loose alliance of liberals, alternative thinkers, and freedom minded people realized that Western civilization is facing potential collapse.

I won’t say what is happening because you wouldn’t believe it. (Then again, considering what you’ve seen me do these past 12 months, maybe you would…)

Today Trump wins or America loses, those are the choices, and either way I’m not going anywhere.

My haters seem to think a Trump loss will deter me. Regular readers of Danger & Play and Gorilla Mindset laugh at that idea. A Trump loss won’t traumatize or demoralize me. I have two plans for November 9th. Either way, we are good.

My journalism venture has already raised over $100,000.

When I challenged readers to demand better journalism, you answered.

My Patreon + behind-the-scenes contributions have exceeded $100,000.

I’ll be assigning stories after the election.

We are going to tell the stories the hoaxing media won’t tell. We are going worldwide.

I’m also going to be directing a feature-length documentary on media hoaxes.

Silenced, which I produced, will be released shortly as well.

What will happen to the Mike Cernovich Podcast / mindset writing?

Many people say they miss my mindset writing, and that’s two of us. Journalism and policy aren’t my passions, mindset is.

However the same forces opposing Trump have tried getting me banned from the Internet over my free speech. Long-time readers understand that I joined this movement as much for the sake of Western civilization as for my own.

My mindset work is demonstrative or dare we say performative – meta-mindset. I’ve written mindset articles for years, I wrote a book on mindset, do the principles work or was it all cobbled together from the ideas of others?

I am going to keep the podcast politics-free and also going to set up a way for those of us who want mindset only will have a place to talk. We’ll have a private forum or private FB group. It will be kept small and exclusive. Those who truly value mindset work will be there, those who simply want to complain will not be.

P.S. I love all of you!

My heart has certainly opened itself of more this past year, as I transitioned from a life of hedonism to one of purpose and meaning.

It’s been a great year.

November 9th isn’t the end.

November 9th is the beginning.